18 May 2018 (Friday) – 29 May 2018 (Tuesday)


11:00am – 10:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong “SHIBUKARU MATSURI” by PARCO DATE: 18 May 2018 (Friday) – 29 May 2018 (Tuesday)
TIME: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Courtyard & Marketplace, G/f

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/f

Fee (HKD)

Free of charge

PARCO (PARCO CO., LTD) is a company that runs shopping centres in Japan, despite its focus on fashion, it also actively promotes music, art, drama and other cultural activities. On the other hand, with the company’s social mission of “discovering and nurturing new talents (incubation)”, PARCO always supports talents to further develop our future. With the aim “to provide a platform for young female creators to present their works”, PARCO has hosted “Shibukaru Matsuri” based in Shibuya PARCO since 2011. In the past 7 years, over 1,000 female creators in various cultural and artistic fields including art, fashion, music, performances etc. have taken part in “Shibukaru Matsuri,” and have created a colourful and wonderful expression of place together.

In May this year, Shibuya PARCO culture event “Shibukar Matsuri” will jump out from Shibuya to Hong Kong ‘supporting Japanese female creators who wanted to spread their wings from “Shibuya”, a place that filled with youth power and gave birth to different cultures, to the world.’ In order to turn this thought into reality, we teamed up with PMQ and with the selection of Hong Kong artists by PMQ and PARCO, this is going to be a festival for Japanese and Hong Kong young female artists to show their creative works.

The up-and-coming female creators from Japan together with Hong Kong creators will utilize the outdoor space that extend from PMQ’s entrance to the square inside to showcase their creations in the most perfect way. Don’t miss this chance to witness a border-spanning collaboration of girls power.


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