Season . Space . Utensil – Flower Arrangement


14 June 2019 (Friday) – 14 July 2019 (Sunday)


H211, Hollywood

06/14/2019 12:00 07/14/2019 20:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Season . Space . Utensil – Flower Arrangement DATE: 14 June 2019 (Friday) – 14 July 2019 (Sunday)
TIME: H211, Hollywood
12:00nn – 8:00pm

12:00nn – 8:00pm

Fee (HKD)


When everybody believed practicing Ikebana meant following established forms, Sofu Teshigahara (1900-1979), founder of Sogetsu School, recognized Ikebana as a creative art, a sculpture, anyone can enjoy Sogetsu Ikebana anytime, anywhere, using any material.

Ikebana, a traditional Japanese art, have evolved with the flow of Japanese history, and its cultural environment into what it is today; a deep communion with nature in the form of fresh flowers, wild plants and tree; with seasonality and time dimension an indispensable part of the arrangement.

In the process of creating Ikebana, the composition of materials, forms and space; color, shape and texture of the containers; place or occasion where the arrangement will be put, are all important.

Like meditation, people can express their originality in Ikebana in the observation of changes in seasons and time. With an understanding of the cycle of life, the practice of Ikebana has a deeper spiritual meaning than simply an arrangement of flower.

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