“Safe Landing” Exhibition


8 September 2023 (Friday) – 24 September 2023 (Sunday)


1:00pm – 6:00pm

09/08/2023 13:00 09/24/2023 18:00 Asia/Hong_Kong “Safe Landing” Exhibition DATE: 8 September 2023 (Friday) – 24 September 2023 (Sunday)
TIME: 1:00pm – 6:00pm
H205, Hollywood

H205, Hollywood

Fee (HKD)


What is Tiger doing in the UK? Probably basking in the sun and taking a nap. After 44 hours of long travel, she was finally home. The exhibition will display watercolour paintings recording Tiger’s life after she has moved to the UK. It is also a supplementary part of the book “Tiger”.

To go or to stay? This might be a question often asked by Hong Kong people nowadays. The exhibition hopes to share the feline philosophy and gives human some insights about life – to let go of all the worries for a while, go back to the present moment and simply enjoy life.

Chun Kai Fung, Keith

Chun graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Communication Design in 2013. After graduation, he worked as a graphic designer and research assistant. In 2017, he founded flip & roll to promote independent publishing and small-volume publishing. Recently, he has been focusing on illustration, book design and art education.

After adopting Tiger in 2014, he has become a cat person, and later adopted a black cat called Dust.

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