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04/01/2020 11:00 04/30/2020 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong NEW COLLECTION – “STARDUST” “LINKS & PEARL LINKS” Collection by Obellery DATE: From Now
TIME: 11:00am – 7:00pm
H403, Hollywood

H403, Hollywood


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3 New collection: Stardust, Links and Baby Pearl with us starting this April, is from Belinda Chang.

STARDUST collection
The aptly named Stardust Collection prominently features multicoloured sapphires, embedded onto the 18k gold pieces. As implied, the mass of shimmering gems draw resemblance to the starry night sky. Sapphires comes in a range of hues, the designer made the best use of this quality and made each one a vividly coloured Masterpiece.

A Luxurious interpretation of Belinda Chang Jewellery’s iconic aesthetic.
A Gorgeous spectrum of sapphires embedded on a 18k gold band, giving it its astonishing color palette.
In brightest of days and darkest of nights, this gem encrusted treasure will give you the sparkle to brighten your day.

LINKS Collection
Inspired by Greco-Roman jewellery, this collection revisits ancient classics and reimagined those elements in a modern day context. Prominent chains and peculiar links lends contemporary charm to the classic elements, together they foster a unique brand of antiquated charm.

PEARL LINKS Collection
A tribute to modest beginning of all pearls, and the oysters that gave us them, this collection stars the rarely featured baby pearls. Interlocking hoops of baby pearls threaded with gold plated silver tubings as embellishment, creating a charmingly sophisticated aesthetic.

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