Movie Screening – Mini Anifest


15 June 2019 (Saturday) – 16 June 2019 (Sunday)


3:00pm – 6:00pm (15/6)
1:00pm – 5:15pm (16/6)

06/15/2019 15:00 06/16/2019 18:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Movie Screening – Mini Anifest DATE: 15 June 2019 (Saturday) – 16 June 2019 (Sunday)
TIME: 3:00pm – 6:00pm (15/6) 1:00pm – 5:15pm (16/6)
Qube, 2/F

Qube, 2/F

Fee (HKD)


Part I: 15.6.2019 (Sat) R.S.V.P.:


From Charlie Kaufman (writer, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, director, SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK), and Duke Johnson comes a darkly comedic and surreal stop-motion journey into the mind of a man whose dark night of the soul becomes a Kafkaesque — make that Kaufmanesque — nightmare.

Michael Stone (David Thewlis), husband, father and respected author of How May I Help You Help Them? Is a man crippled by the mundanity of his life. On a business trip to Cincinnati, where he’s scheduled to speak at a convention of customer service professionals, Michael checks into the Fregoli Hotel and meets Lisa Hesselman (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a socially awkward sales rep from Akron who may or may not be the love of his life.

Filmed over 3 years with 1,261 individual handcrafted faces, ANOMALISA is lauded by critics as one of the most humane animated films. Winner of Venice Film Festival’s Grand Special Jury Prize and nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Director: Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson
Cast: David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan
Duration: 90 mins
Category: III
Language: English (Chinese Subtitle)

*Participants must be 18 years old or above to join the screening of “Anomalisa” and present your identity card at the reception for verification before entering the venue. In any case of dispute, PMQ & MOViE MOViE’s decision shall be final.

Another World|15.6.2019 (Sat)

Nothing is ever destined to happen in the nether. Everything is impermanent.

  • Movie Screening: 《Another World》/ 4:45pm – 5:00pm
  • Location: Qube (2/f, Block A)


When Ghostie, who should have lost traits of humanity, encountered a girl that was reluctant to give up on finding her lost brother, nothing will ever be the same anymore.

Director: Tommy Ng
Voice: Kay Tse, Rosa Maria Velasco
Duration: 14 mins
Language: Cantonese (Chinese & English subtitles)
Category: IIA

  • Post-screening sharing: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Location: Qube (2/f, Block A)
  • Speaker: Renowned playwright, film critic and animator Lam Kee To

Part II: 16.6.2019 (Sun) R.S.V.P.:

Thaumatrope Animation Making Workshop: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Tutor: Artist May Loo
Artist Bio: Believe art can change life, like painting and love making ceramic. A graduate of Professional Diploma in Fine Art at Hong Kong Arts School and completed “Holistic Western Painting” course in CUSCU of Chinese University in 2017.

*Participants must be aged 4 or above.
*Due to the limited seats and materials prepared to max.20 participants, if there are more than 20 participants, they will be arranged for the waiting position.

  • Movie Screening: 《Japanese Animated Shorts & ASP Winning Shorts》/ 2:45pm – 4:15pm
  • Category: I
  • Pro-screening sharing: 4:15pm – 5:15pm
  • Speaker: Cheryl Cheung (Creator of Haru and Furi Animated Series) and Felix, Carol, Shadow (Stunga Lab Creative Team)
  • Location: Qube (2/f, Block A)

《Japanese Animated Shorts》/ Selected Shorts of Ishida Hiroyasu & Takashi Nakamura

1. Fumiko’s Confession
Hiroyasu Ishida’s breakout animated short has been viewed more than 2.5 million times since its 2009 debut and beautifully showcases the vibrant talents of a singular new voice in anime. This story is about Fumiko, a schoolgirl who just confessed her love. However, she gets turned down because the boy wants to concentrate on baseball training. Crying and running downhill through the town, she gains more and more speed…

  • Director: Ishida Hiroyasu
  • Duration: 2 mins
  • Language: Japanese (Chinese & English subtitle)

2. Rain Town
Ishida’s graduation film, Rain Town, is a somber, moody tale of a town that has been deserted due to its incessantly bad weather, where a little girl and an old robot form a beautiful friendship. Despite the change of pace, it remains a beautiful short, reinforced by Ishida’s gorgeous, hand drawn style.

  • Director: Ishida Hiroyasu
  • Duration: 9 mins

3. Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl
The long-awaited theatrical debut from acclaimed animator Ishida Hiroyasu is a magical tale of first love between two primary students who bond over their shared love of birds. Hinata’s adoration is put to the test when he discovers Shiguye is changing school.

  • Director: Ishida Hiroyasu
  • Duration: 17 mins
  • Language: Japanese (Chinese & English subtitle)

4. The Portrait Studio
From AKIRA lead animator Takashi Nakamura, THE PORTRAIT STUDIO follows the decades-long relationship between a photographer and the woman he has been shooting since she was a little girl. Set against the changing backdrop of modern Japan, this wordless tale is rich in emotion and humanity.

  • Director: Takashi Nakamura
  • Duration: 16 mins

《ASP Winning Shorts》/ Selected Animation Support Program Winning Animated Shorts

5. Crystal Eyes
A poor middle-aged man and a cat accidentally found a pair of glassy eyes on the garbage mountain. This pair of eyes could help people find the things they want. The man had never realized his adventurous dream. Empowered by this pair of glassy eyes, he started his treasure hunting trip.

  • Director: Benny Fan
  • Duration: 9 mins
  • Language: In Cantonese (Chinese & English subtitles)

6. little thinks
Everything is beautiful, but we may not notice it.
Life is full of sweet moments that is worth a smile. Happiness is not about how much money you can have, but is all about your wonderful memories with anyone or anything around you in your life, and it is how valuable your life is.

  • Director: Step C.
  • Duration: 5 mins
  • Voice: Chow Yan Yan, Jese Li
  • Language: In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

7. Haru and Furi 2 – Great Adventure into the Bird-Man Kingdom
If your life is determined by someone else before you are born, will you have a better life?
Haru the hare and Furi the fox fell off to a bottomless hole. What would they encounter in the mysterious underworld? Can they come back to the surface successfully?

  • Director: Cheryl Cheung
  • Duration: Approx. 10 mins

8. Food Heroes
In the magical world where only fruits and vegetables live, a wanderer called Lok (Broccoli) came to a village for food.
The villagers was led by Princess Snow (Strawberry), who was fearful and hostile to Lok, and therefore sent him out of the village. Lok later found out that the village would be destroyed by an evil called MSG, he determined to be bold…….

  • Director: Wilson Chui
  • Duration: Approx. 7 mins
  • Language: Cantonese (Chinese & English subtitles)

9. Kowloon Walled City Land
As a mysterious place, there are different rumors in Kowloon Walled City, projecting different fantasies. Here is one: mouse father and daughter were looking for this paradise.

Mouse father was a stubborn coward, however mouse daughter was positive and optimistic. One day, mouse father and daughter got lost. Mouse daughter met different people and came across different things. She learnt to be brave. When they found each other, they were soon in danger. The daughter persuaded her father to solve problem bravely so that they can get rid of danger.

Mouse uses sign language to communicate with people, hence sign language can be a way to get out of danger too.

  • Director: Franky Cheung
  • Duration: Approx. 11 mins
  • Language: Cantonese (Chinese & English subtitles)

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