Leslie Cheung Movie Screening


12 September 2016 (Monday) – 13 September 2016 (Tuesday)


3:00pm & 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong Leslie Cheung Movie Screening DATE: 12 September 2016 (Monday) – 13 September 2016 (Tuesday)
TIME: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
Qube, 2/F, PMQ

Qube, 2/F, PMQ


Admission Free (R.S.V.P required)

The coming 12 September is Mr. Leslie Cheung’s 60th birthday. To celebrate the big day of this renowned Hong Kong star, an exhibition and a series of activities will be launched in PMQ by UNITED LESLIE. PMQ also cooperates with UNITED LESLIE and together selected two of his movies for the movie screening. As PMQ Friends, you can R.S.V.P. for FREE entry (for at most two people)! Seats are limited, first come first served (Each participant is eligible to R.S.V.P. for only once ).

[Screening Schedule]
12 September 2016 (Monday)

  • 3:00pm Last Song In Paris (Full House)
  • 8:00pm All’s Well, Ends Well (Full House)

13 September 2016 (Tuesday)

  • 3:00pm All’s Well, Ends Well R.S.V.P.: (Full House)
  • 8:00pm Last Song In Paris R.S.V.P.: (Full House)

[Registration Method]

  • Method 1: click the above R.S.V.P links and fill up the google form for registration.
  • Method 2: follow PMQ’s official wechat account: pmq-hk, send message “Leslie Cheung Movie Screening” and you will get guidelines for registration.
  • *The registration will be processed and replied by email within 3 working days. Seats are limited, first-come, first-served.

Last Song in Paris: 12 September 2016 (Monday) (3:00pm) & 13 September 2016 (Tuesday)(8:00pm)

Director : Chor Yuen
Cast : Leslie Cheung , Anita Mui , Joey Wong , Cecilia Yip
Category : IIB
Duration: 86 mins
Language: Cantonese (with traditional Chinese subtitles)

The movie Last Song in Paris is based on occurrence of various fortuitous stories among the Hong Kong Pop Star, Louie (Leslie Cheung), Anita (Anita Mui), Julia (Joey Wong) and the Vietnamese refugee Yuan Yu-shih (Cecilia Yip). The core cast Louie was a spoiled pop star and encountered into a one-night stand relationship with one of his concert’s dancers , Anita. When Anita told Louie that she was always egar to become a singer, he then introduced her during his concert and Anita made her stage debut since then while she becomes a super star afterwards. Anita had fallen in love with Louie, nevertheless, Louie loved Julia instead which made Anita disappointed. Louie later realized that Julia was the girlfriend of his father, Kent (Paul Chu). Louie became disenchanted and left Hong Kong with anger and headed towards Paris leaving his career behind. Louie met and fell in love with a Vietnamese refugee, named Yuan Yu-shih. They eventually got married and the couple lived a simple but happy life with Louie made his living by working in the kitchen at a local restaurant. The marriage ended tragically at times when Yu-shih became pregnant following with her death owing to the bullet remained in her uterus during the Vietnamese War. The past memories of Louie regained when Anita met Louie in Paris again….

All’s End, Ends Well: 12 September 2016 (Monday) (8:00pm) &13 September 2016 (Tuesday) (3:00pm)
Director : Clifton Ko
Cast : Raymond Wong Pak-ming , Leslie Cheung , Stephen Chow , Maggie Cheung Man Yuk , Sandra Ng , Teresa Mo
Category : IIA
Duration: 98 mins
Language: Cantonese ( With traditional Chinese subtitle)

‘All’s Well, Ends Well’ is a comedy wherein the theme of the story revolves around the love affairs among the three brothers in the Sheung family. The eldest brother Sheung Mun, a successful businessman, was involving in an extra-marital affair while neglecting his assiduous yet slovenly wife, Ching. Sheung So, the effeminate second eldest brother, was a tutor for floral arrangement in a Social Community Centre. Sheung So always engaged in frequent and contentious conflicts with his aunt Leung Mo Sheung. The youngest brother Sheung Foon, a disc jockey and a womanizer expert encountered Holli Yuk, a Hollywood film aficionado ……The story continues when Sheung Mun finally rekindled his love relationship with his wife, while the other two found their true love……

The extended edition of the movie features a gun shooting scene of Leslie Cheung. The three brothers disguised themselves with a stocking pulled over their heads in order to rescue Sandra Ng in a kidnap robbery that explodes into a wild shootout between the trio and the criminals.

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