Intersections: The Movement and Dynamics Exhibition Preview


15 September 2022 (Thursday) – 15 October 2022 (Saturday)


12:00nn – 7:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
12:00nn – 5:00pm (Sunday)

09/15/2022 12:00 10/15/2022 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Intersections: The Movement and Dynamics Exhibition Preview DATE: 15 September 2022 (Thursday) – 15 October 2022 (Saturday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 7:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday) 12:00nn – 5:00pm (Sunday)
S414, Staunton

S414, Staunton

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J 12 contemporary art by jason is pleased to announce their first participation at Art Taipei, October 21 – 24, 2022 featuring works by Yuki Nara, Toshio Iezumi, Pang Yongjie, Lampo Leong, Kan-Zan-Loc, and Kim In Tae. A special preview of selected works by artists Yuki Nara, Toshio Iezumi, Pang Yongjie, Kan-Zan-Loc, and Kim In Tae will take place at our gallery space in PMQ opening on Thursday, September 15th until Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Six artists hailing from three countries with artistic practices in oils, ink art, contemporary Japanese painting, glass sculpture, ceramic sculpture, stee l sculpture on the surface they cannot be more different. And yet they intersect, movement and dynamics their common denominator. Introducing Intersections: Movement and Dynamics a new exhibition specially curated for Art Taipei by J12 contemporary art by jason.

Japanese architect turned ceramicist Yuki Nara (b. 1989) explores space and boundaries. Using architecture as a reference, he creates his otherworldly sculptural ceramics that move and stretch, pieces that have strong distinctive shapes and yet can look fragile and delicate at the same time, with movement connecting interior with exterior.

Japanese sculptor Toshio Iezumi’s (b. 1954) glass sculptures are always filled with movement. Humble sheets of flat plate glass are fused together, then using techniques honed and perfected over an almost 40-year career, he patiently grinds down and polishes the glass to create unique one of a kind sculptures that appear to be in perpetual motion, interacting with light sources around them.

Chinese painter Pang Yonjie (b.1968) uses an economy of precise movements to create images of stillness and Zen-like calm. Using a restricted palette, his impasto paintings are quickly executed with a minimal of strokes. Recognized as one of the leading artists of China’s “post-contemporary abstract” movement, he is known for his voluptuous and playful three-dimensional sculptural renderings of Tang dynasty women.

Internationally acclaimed painter, calligrapher, photographer, digital artist and designer, Lampo Leong’s (b. 1961) dynamic energetic Chinese ink paintings feature geometric structures painted with classical ink brushwork. In his Emanation and Supernova series, Leong introduces the viewer to the extraordinary process of creation in the universe, the birth of stars and the energies radiating from planets. Arrays of ink splashes where water and ink collide and intertwine, the layering of intersecting dots and lines give his works a strong sense of movement and three-dimensionality.

Kan-Zan-Loc (b. 1964) is a contemporary Japanese painter for whom the traditions of Japanese art are a fundamental part of his artistic practice. Great Wave pays homage to Japanese painter and printmaker Hokusai, in particular his woodblock print ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Curvilinear lines are used to depict the energy and movement of the great wave, the bubbling foam seething and writhing like some mythical creature of the deep. A decorated border in gold powder echoes the gilded picture frames from the Meiji Era surrounds this monumental great wave heightening its presentation.

South Korean sculptor Kim In Tae’s (b. 1977) steel sculptures use a myriad of nervously hovering butterflies to question the viewers perception of space and form. His unique way of conveying the meaning of his work – providing artificially created object in a limited space – in some ways, tells us that the visibility is not always about acknowledging. Each work is a metaphor of the wishes that, at times seem to be tangible and other times a mere illusion to fly away at a moment’s notice like the many butterflies poised in flight.

Art Taipei | Stand R02

ART TAIPEI 2022 is going to be held at Exhibition Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center from October 21-24. We are part of Flash Section of the fair and our stand number is R02. For VIP Invitation and to request for the exhibition catalogue, please contact us at hongkong@jasonsveinn.com.

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