“Imperfect Present” Pop-up Exhibition


13 December 2019 (Friday) – 10 January 2020 (Friday)


11:00am – 7:00pm

12/13/2019 11:00 01/10/2020 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong “Imperfect Present” Pop-up Exhibition DATE: 13 December 2019 (Friday) – 10 January 2020 (Friday)
TIME: 11:00am – 7:00pm
S503, Staunton

S503, Staunton

Kikka Meucci, Francesca Gastone
Fee (HKD)


Using ordinary objects in daily life, shapes and symbols in Eastern culture, and people’s collective memory, this work aims at raising people’s awareness of the ethical and ecological problems created by the wastage in the construction industry, which today’s designers feel obliged to respond to.

The base of our tiles are made of recycled materials while the color pigments of the glazed surfaces are natural. Some of the tiles have been purposely left rough and engraved with simple patterns or lines to symbolize the imperfection of our present time, instilling a resource-conscious mindset with the respect for nature.

(1) Kikka Meucci

Kikka Meucci moved to Hong Kong after finishing the Master’s Degree in Architecture in Florence. Kikka then decided to settle in Tai Hang, a district that still preserves authentic testimonies of colonial style. She founded Class K, an architectural and interior design company ten years ago. In 2015, she participated in Design Commune with exhibitions at HKCEC and PMQ.

(2) Francesca Gastone

Francesca Gastone is an Italian architect and illustrator working with interior and visual design. She graduated from The Polytechnic University of Milan. In 2013, she moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where she spent four years being a full time architect and taking part in courses of drawing and illustration. In Brazil, she got to step into the world of graphic design and illustration, and collaborate with several brands and magazines. Currently, she lives and works in Hong Kong, where she founded Atelier Fyumi.

Know more about Imperfect Present
Instagram: @Kikkameuccidesign/ @atelierfyumi

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