GOOD DESIGN STORE Gallery 16th EXHIBITION | PRIDE-TSUBAME-SANJO, A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation


27 November, 2015 (Friday) – 3 January, 2016 (Sunday)


12:00nn – 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong GOOD DESIGN STORE Gallery 16th EXHIBITION | PRIDE-TSUBAME-SANJO, A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation DATE: 27 November, 2015 (Friday) – 3 January, 2016 (Sunday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 8:00pm
H401, Hollywood

H401, Hollywood

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Admission Free


GOOD DESIGN STORE: +852 2857 5338

Tsubame and Sanjo are two cities located in central Niigata Prefecture. Tsubame-Sanjo is a thriving area that enjoys traditional blessings from nature while producing some of the world’s finest machined metal products. The area has a history of developing a range of everyday metal goods that support our lives, and it is in this way a place where tradition and industry coexist.

Niigata Prefecture as a whole is the recipient of over twenty Good Design Awards a year, one of the highest rates of conferment in Japan. It is seventh in the country for most awards, with Tsubame-Sanjo representing over 80% of that total. Tsubame-Sanjo is, therefore, a town of craft – and a town of design.
This exhibit features nine leading metalworking firms from Tsubame-Sanjo showcasing a range of products.

The products made by Tsubame-Sanjo artisans are the genuine article. Using quality materials and traditional techniques passed down over the generations and deeply understanding the needs of customers and of each era, artisans produce true masterpieces that are a blend of practical function and beauty. Take some time to handle their wares. Their weight in the hand, texture, exquisite curves, and refined design are sure to signal the pride and joy of artisans’ time well-spent and move you to emotion. Sanjo products are beloved by professionals and aficionados the world over. That is because the soul, energy, passion, and pride these artisans feel at customers using their products translates into items made to the ultimate standards of performance.

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