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TIME: 12:00pm – 8:00pm (Sunday – Thursday) 12:00pm – 9:00pm (Friday, Saturday & Public holidays eve)
S107, Staunton

S107, Staunton

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+852 3971 3138

Boxes are used here and there around the home for storing and organising.

On the other hand, businesses use all kinds of work boxes which we rarely get a chance to see, in order to protect and transport goods. Unlike commercial products, boxes used in professional industries are unadorned and simple in appearance. Designed with ef ciency in mind, they are purely functional and economical.

For example, from the transportation of parts between factories, to the distribution of good across borders over long distances, polypropylene boxes are often utilised. To maximise ef ciency, these box designs have been carefully calculated so to be compatible with the sizes of pallets, trucks and containers. Fibre boxes on the other hand, are large ylindrical paper boxes that are used to transport industrial volumes of materials such as powders and wires. Since the bottoms of these boxes are round, even heavy loads can be moved around with ease. Boxes such as these are designed to fully serve its purpose, omitting unnecessary parts and thus any extra production costs.

Found MUJI BOX features work boxes that are used professionally. Though plain in appearance, each type is ingeniously designed, with fascinating backgrounds. Enjoy a new kind of functionality that can be used in everyday life.

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