Design Week Kyoto HK 2018 – The Evolution of Bamboo


6 October 2018 (Saturday)


1:00pm – 2:00pm

10/06/2018 10/06/2018 Asia/Hong_Kong Design Week Kyoto HK 2018 – The Evolution of Bamboo DATE: 6 October 2018 (Saturday)
TIME: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
S214, Staunton

S214, Staunton

Design Week Kyoto & MOD Alliance
Fee (HKD)


Versatile and fast-growing, bamboo is a humble yet significant material in Asian cultures for centuries. How did it become so important and how has its uses changed and evolved over the years? Our speakers will share with us how they make use of this hearty grass in their work and look forward to what lies in the future for this trusted material.

Biography of speakers:

Yokoyama Bamboo Products 横山竹材店

Since 1919, YOKOYAMA BAMBOO PRODUCTS has been producing Kyo-meichiku, a processed bamboo material unique to Kyoto. The bamboo manufactured at Yokoyama Bamboo is frequently used as bamboo fences in landmark cultural properties and gardens; they frequently supply bamboo to notable projects. Always striving to improve their products, Yokoyama Bamboo Products developed the world’s first non-flammable bamboo.

AJ-AR (Atelier Justa-Architectural Research)

Tiffany Chow and Angus Yip are architectural design talents raised in Hong Kong with a local education and professional background. Together with a group of local architects and designers, they founded local art and architectural studio AJ-AR.

AJ-AR’s design philosophy is rooted in the intrinsic relationship between space and people. They are passionate about architecture in a more comprehensive context, believing that any intervention, regardless of the size, is opportunities for public engagement; the team strives to combine local HK culture in a contemporary way to create bespoke designs and bring architecture closer to people. This philosophy continues to underpin AJ-AR’s installations, exhibitions, interior, and spatial designs.

Language: Japanese/English

Master: Yokoyama Bamboo Products
HK Guest Speaker: AJ-AR, architect studio
Moderator: Seiki Mori

R.S.V.P: The Evolution of Bamboo

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