Design Week Kyoto HK 2018 – Ceramic as Art Medium


7 October 2018 (Sunday)


2:30pm – 3:30pm

10/07/2018 10/07/2018 Asia/Hong_Kong Design Week Kyoto HK 2018 – Ceramic as Art Medium DATE: 7 October 2018 (Sunday)
TIME: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
S214, Staunton

S214, Staunton

Design Week Kyoto & MOD Alliance
Fee (HKD)


Ceramics has a history almost as old as humanity. What is the allure of “baked clay”? Does it lie with its tactile rawness? The connection to the earth that it offers? The unknown possibilities it holds? Or the magical transformation that awaits the potter? What does the future hold for this ancient material in the digital age where more and more things become virtual?

Biography of speakers:

Master: TOUAN
Since 1922, TOUAN has been creating pottery that retains the traditional style of the beautiful and elaborate Kyo-yaki (Kyoto style pottery) with contemporary influences. With their research and development team, they have been creating new techniques and new products. It is the factory with the largest number of specialized artisans.

Chan Kiu Hong, Joe
Joe Chan Kiu Hong graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art from RMIT University. Chan has been exhibiting his works in Chicago, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Macau, and China. His ceramic work includes sculptural, installation, environment, and sound elements. Chan’s work ‘Jing Ting’ was selected for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 (HKCAA). Chan has been invited to be the resident artist of Art Camp Amino, Japan in 2014. His recent awards include MTR Tiara Sculpture Competition -Bronze Prize and 21st ifva festival (Media Art Category) – Gold Award.

Language: Japanese/English

Master: TOUAN
HK Guest Speaker: Joe CHAN Kiu Hong, ceramics artist
Moderator: Seiki Mori

R.S.V.P: The Vibrant crafts in Fashion

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