Creative Workshop Series @PMQ


1 May 2022 (Sunday) – 31 December 2022 (Saturday)


May 2022 workshop schedule and registration:

05/01/2022 12/31/2022 Asia/Hong_Kong Creative Workshop Series @PMQ DATE: 1 May 2022 (Sunday) – 31 December 2022 (Saturday)
TIME: May 2022 workshop schedule and registration:
Staunton: S203, S204, S212, S303, S411, S413, S503, S506, S511, S513, S603 Hollywood: H202, H403, H405, H406, H408, H410, H508

Staunton: S203, S204, S212, S303, S411, S413, S503, S506, S511, S513, S603
Hollywood: H202, H403, H405, H406, H408, H410, H508

Fee (HKD)

Fees of workshops may vary, please refer to the workshop information for details.

Explore Your Art Sense & Enlighten Your Creativity

Art Sense and Creativity have long been a mystery to many people, yet, there is no one person that can be naturally more artistic and creative than others. With practice and inspiration, anyone can grow and develop their inner abilities. Perhaps you will be enlightened by Creative Workshop Series @PMQ where you get inspired and put in more effort and practice at giving yourselves the time and openness for gaining new thoughts, and then create your very own art piece.

You could spending 3 hours at Wax Modelling for Silver Jewellery Workshop by MakerBay. The workshop introduces to you silver jewellery production, how to use the tools and machine to make your own wax mold by hand. You will then receive the finished silver jewellery a week later.

If you are a flower lover, you could sign up Waa.Faa.Cii’s flower arrangement workshops. At Chinese flower arrangement trial class, you can learn how to appreciate floral art with only a few flowers plus twigs and branches. They also provide DIY scented candle and fresh flower centrepiece workshop. Participants can choose their own fragrance and DIY a candle in a glass. It brings you joy from day till night and it can be a gift to your loved ones who like fragrance.

Do you ever consider to create a gift with LEGO? Ubu Deco is hosting a workshop where you can learn building eternal love with LEGO. If flower is not your thing, you can join Brass Money Clip Workshop by Loupe. You can choose one design to make by yourself. It could be very warm and practical piece of work for yourself or a wonderful gift for Father’s day. There are a couple of online workshops available for you to sign up. Please check the workshop details for further information.

Creative Workshop Series @PMQ regularly features and brings special workshops that are not commonly found in Hong Kong. There are more than 40 creative workshops across different fields hosted by a group of creative talent in PMQ. Invitation from schools, groups or corporates is welcome for hosting small group activities or team building events. Please contact us for details and make sure you check out the full list of workshops and time your schedule for a creative encounter!

The full list of workshops in May is available here:

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