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bâtard – clothing brand pop up and launch event


14 October 2021 (Thursday) – 17 October 2021 (Sunday)


11:00am – 7:00pm

10/14/2021 11:00 10/17/2021 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong bâtard – clothing brand pop up and launch event DATE: 14 October 2021 (Thursday) – 17 October 2021 (Sunday)
TIME: 11:00am – 7:00pm
H402, Hollywood

H402, Hollywood

bâtard x OBELLERY
Fee (HKD)


We invite you to discover our new brand during a 4-days pop-up, where we’ll unveil 5 exclusive collaborations with international artists.
At bâtard, our goal is to provide high quality patches stitched on simple clothes, but we are more than that. Here is what the brand means to us:

  1. Clothes with a story to tell – all our patches are designed with artists we love from around the world.
  2. Avoid waste and simplify production. Put simply, our clothing and patches are assembled by us only once ordered, so nothing ends up in the bin!
  3. High quality clothes – We use organic cotton with GOTS certification to make our clothing. The dyes we use to colour our garments and the threads that create our patches are all OEKO-TEX® certified.
  4. bâtard, in English is bastard, or more meaningfully the child of love. We are bâtard.

Mathias Forbach, Switzerland Artist & illustrator

FICHTRE is a Swiss artist and illustrator. He lives and works in the charming city of Vevey, Switzerland. The artist feeds on his passion for books and music to create his pop universe. His graphic language is characterized by the techniques used: always starting from sketches on paper, his favorite medium, his explorations lead me to use different tools to achieve the final illustrations.
Anthropomorphic characters, vivid or pastel colors, graphic overlays, games of frames reminiscent of old printing techniques, geometric and symbolic shapes specific to the basics of illustration are used and form a personal graphic grammar in constant development and evolution.

Masanori Ushiki,
Japan Artist & illustrator

Masanori Ushiki is an illustrator and visual artist, having studied at Masashino Art University drawing school, he is now based in Tokyo, Japan. Every day he spends 30 minutes to an hour introducing a new surrealist portrait, creating utopian superheros, sci-fi creatures and otherworldly characters. His unique style is inspired by the delicate linework of traditional wood block prints blended with modern manga, animation, video games, tokusatsu and pop culture.

David Vanadia,
France Artist & illustrator

David Vanadia is a French artist and illustrator born and based in Marseille. Through a minimalist way, he offers a singular work with a bold graphic identity and illustrations that like to make meaning. Graduated from a school of applied arts, his practice develops mainly around the themes of being and the mind.
The idea that the visual arts can play the role of a universal language fascinates and leads him to explore the primitive, if not almost mystical, facets of human expression. The link that unites man with nature also has a great influence on him.
With a more thoughtful than spontaneous approach, David likes to bring a poetic dimension to his work. Using graphic games and visual metaphors, David’s intentions invite reflection and appeal to our introspective feelings.

Tobias Gutmann,
Switzerland Artist

Born in Papua New Guinea, Tobias now lives in Switzerland. He creates abstract drawings reflecting what he experiences, thinks, and believes.
Introduce yourself in one sentence? Play, breathe, dream, zoom. Constantly aiming to enter into a flow state of creation, the act of drawing becomes a ritual in which Tobias manifests his encounters through his hands. The results are multiple variations of drawings that shift between abstract and figurative forms, between the known and the unknown. They always entail playfulness and curiosity, wilderness and tranquility. Each individual drawing exhibits a unique appearance.

Belinda Chang
Hong Kong, Jeweller

Belinda Chang is a contemporary jewellery designer-maker trained in Great Britain. Her career as jeweller began in 2014, marked by the creation of her signature Fruity Pearls Collection. She has had various roles within Hong Kong jewellery industry, preparing her for the launch Obellery – Contemporary Jewellery Studio. Obellery is a platform promoting contemporary and innovative wearable objects, the perfect medium to present her own jewellery brand, Belinda Chang Jewellery. Each individual piece is hand-crafted by the designer herself and her associates, presenting the designer’s unique interpretation of floral motifs in a minimalist design aesthetic.

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