‘A Sensory Voyage’ Innovative Enrichment Programme (for aged 7-13) – Discover senses, unleash potential


21 July, 2015 (Tuesday) – 15 August, 2015 (Saturday)
2016 OPEN FOR APPLICATION NOW >> https://www.pmq.org.hk/event/a-sensory-voyage-2016/


9:30am – 12:30pm
2:30pm – 5:30pm
(Depends on selected workshops/programmes)

Asia/Hong_Kong ‘A Sensory Voyage’ Innovative Enrichment Programme (for aged 7-13) – Discover senses, unleash potential DATE: 21 July, 2015 (Tuesday) – 15 August, 2015 (Saturday) 2016 OPEN FOR APPLICATION NOW >> https://www.pmq.org.hk/event/a-sensory-voyage-2016/
TIME: 9:30am – 12:30pm 2:30pm – 5:30pm (Depends on selected workshops/programmes)


Fee (HKD)

‘A Sensory Voyage’ innovative enrichment programme: $2,800
Initiative workshops: $280 – $480


+852 2865 0013 / marketing@pmq.org.hk



Welcome aboard the journey of ‘A Sensory Voyage’, a groundbreaking four-week innovative enrichment programme* by PMQ, unleashing creativity through exploration of the human senses. Little Explorers aged 7 – 13 will have fun participating in fascinating workshops and creative project-making at PMQ, led by top experts in the creative field.

Discover senses
Many astonishing, groundbreaking creative experiences await our Little Explorers in this painstakingly curated series of inspirational workshops, covering photography, music, ceramics, yoga and food culture. Their sensory systems are fully exercised, from Sight, Sound Taste, Scent and Touch, to non-traditional senses such as the sense of Balance. They have the opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of all senses with Masters from Hong Kong and abroad. This inspires their creative minds and widens their perspective, within the creative ambience of PMQ.

Unleash potential
Our Little Explorers will never see the world the same way again after completing ‘A Sensory Voyage’ innovative enrichment programme. They will share the results of their creative gestation in a dedicated showcase, where they can display their unique insights at PMQ.

‘A Sensory Voyage’ innovative enrichment programme consists of three parts.

  • Part 1: Initiation Workshops* (5 sessions)
    First part is devoted to five sessions of Initiation Workshops* on five specially designed topics, which serve as the foundation for Part Two and enable the Little Explorers to fully experience the human senses through these fascinating activities.
  • Part 2: Creative Lab (3 sessions)
    Led by specialist tutors, Little Explorers will join three workshops and find pleasure in developing special group projects on one of the five topics pre-selected by them.
  • Part 3: ‘Feast Voyage’ Showcase
    Programme projects will be presented to the Public in Part Three, when the ‘Feast Voyage’ Showcase is organised at PMQ.

The five topics for ‘A Sensory Voyage’ are as follows:

    1. Know It & Cook It! – by Edward Yip & Craig Au-yeung (Guest tutor)
    2. Stories Behind the Lenses – by Brian Ching
    3. Go Little Yogis – by Dee (Diana Cheung)
    4. Ceramic Feast – by Yokky Wong
    5. What is Sound? – by Sascia Pellegrini

Topic 1: Know It & Cook It! (2 hours)
Instead of worrying about or even casting strict control on your children’s diet, why not educate them on what they’re eating? Masterminded by curator Craig Au Yeung and hosted by assistant curator Edward Yip, our Little Explorers will get to know their favourite snacks from inside out in these workshops right at the Taste Library. Let children discover and experience their favourite food, and in turn the enticing food would fuel their imagination and creativity for their own recipes.

Chief tutor: Edward Yip
Edward Yip is now working as the full time assistant curator in PMQ Taste Library, whilst he continues to freelance on print media with the fantastic ambition of eating well in every place he goes. In 2014, Edward has been invited to be one of the guest speakers at Hong Kong University General Education department to share his feelings and inspirations about food with young people. Later that year, he was invited to create ‘Open Lunch’ and ‘Open Coffee’, interactive and creative food curations with students for international participants in Open Design Forum 2014, hosted by Hong Kong Design Institute Desis Lab.

Celebrity tutor: Craig Au Yeung
Craig Au Yeung, curator of PMQ Taste Library, is a creative artist and food culture curator active in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. His work spans the fields of comics, writing, design, catering innovation, and more. He believes in crossing boundaries and is keen to subvert.

Topic 2: Stories Behind the Lenses (3 hours)
Surprisingly, a petite camera can serve as a bridge between children and the vast world, widening their spectacles. We wear our human ‘lenses’ at all times, and we see the world through them. Yet there are still thousands of possibilities behind optical lenses! Brian Ching is going to show you children the way to their own photographic world in a most unconventional and creative way.

Chief Tutor: Brian Ching
Brian Ching, Canon Pro Ambassador and former photojournalist, who loves photography and loves children more, is now a father of three. He recorded this city’s passions in the past two decades with his companions – the cameras. He has captured countless events and celebrations, witnessed disasters and crises, and portrayed the rich and the poor.

In 2008 Brian founded the ‘Junior Photojournalists’ Workshop and has focused his efforts on children’s education through photography. After that, Brian cooperated with the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) to conduct one-year children photography workshop 「童.影.想」and a follow up one-year workshop「童.夢.想」for grassroots-level children, allowing them to tell their stories through cameras, and letting them share their dreams with the public through images. In addition Brian works with Canon to deliver ‘Canon IXUS 咔嚓童盟’ photography classes to more than 80 kindergartens and primary schools since 2013.

Besides, Brian was a part-time lecturer at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The CUHK, teaching Introduction to Photojournalism in year of 2013/14 and 2014/2015.

Topic 3: Go Little Yogis (1 hour)

Yoga is a quest for inner peace and harmony, and the benefits are many. Designed to bring awareness to the minds and bodies of our Little Explorers, children’s yoga teacher Dee combines yoga movements with music that is fun and refreshing.

Chief Tutor: Dee (Diana Cheung)
Canadian born and raised, Dee has been residing in Hong Kong for the last nine years. She has completed two teacher trainings under Patrick Creelman and Ana T. Forrest and two diploma courses in the Radiant Child Yoga method under Jenny Smith and Birthlight Baby Yoga method under Sally Lomas. Her vision is to share the gift of yoga with children to grow up practicing, to bring students of all ages into their body and their spirit in a positive environment.

Topic 4: Ceramic Feast (2 hours)
The clay has hungered for your touch! Yokky Wong will not only share her experience and craftsmanship behind ceramics, but also teach the Little Explorers how to make dining wares, decorative pieces, and more. Through their senses of sight and touch, they learn to utilize common objects from everyday life and their creativity to make amazing things, which are going to form an impressive display!

Chief Tutor: Yokky Wong
Yokky Wong received her Master of Fine Art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She studied ceramics under Chan Chung-kong in 1987 and obtained a Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. She founded her pottery workshop and devotes all her effort into the creation ceramic works and teaching ceramics. Yokky has held several solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows in Hong Kong and overseas. Her works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, World Ceramic Exposition Foundation in Korea, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, Artist in Residence Vallauris Foundation in France, Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, and private collectors.

Topic 5: What is Sound? (2 hours)
Renowned percussionist/composer Sascia Pellegrini will take Little Explorers on an auditory journey through the element of soundscape, starting from music appreciation to the making of special musical instruments combining every day materials with preexisting instruments.

Chief Tutor: Sascia Pellegrini
Italian-born now based in Hong Kong, sound artist Sascia Pellegrini is a renowned percussionist and composer by training but also known for his cross media and electronic crossovers. He has performed worldwide including Italy, France, Germany, Japan and China. He has presented works of the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, MOBILE M+, and Sonic Anchor #11 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. He is extremely passionate about creating sound in alternative ways, and inspiring students to also create music with a new creative mindset.

Schedule & Fee
‘A Sensory Voyage’ innovative enrichment programme (Part 1 -3): HK$2,800

  • Part 1: Initiation Workshops (5 sessions), including topic 1 – 5*
  • Part 2: Creative Lab (3 sessions), pre-select your topic
  • Part 3: ‘Feast Voyage’ Showcase

Programme will be in 3 timeslots: every Tuesday & Friday (am) or every Tuesday & Friday (pm) or every Wednesday & Saturday (am). Participants are assigned timeslots according to the topic selected in Part 2:

Topic: Know it & Cook it!
Date: 21/7, 24/7, 28/7, 31/7, 4/8^, 7/8, 11/8, 14/8
(every Tuesday & Friday, 09:30 starts)

Topic: Stories Behind the Lenses OR Go Little Yogis
Date: 21/7, 24/7, 28/7, 31/7, 4/8, 7/8, 11/8, 14/8
(every Tuesday & Friday, 14:30 starts)

Topic: Ceramics Feast
Date: 22/7^, 25/7, 29/7, 1/8, 5/8, 8/8^, 12/8^, 15/8^
(every Wednesday & Saturday, 09:30 starts)

Topic: What is Sound?
Date: 22/7, 25/7, 29/7^, 1/8, 5/8, 8/8, 12/8, 15/8
(every Wednesday & Saturday, 09:30 starts)

^ workshop will start from 10:30am

*Initiation workshops are available for standalone application

Topic 1: Know It & Cook It! (2hours) – HK$380
Date: 21/7 (09:30), 21/7 (14:30), 24/7 (09:30), 24/7(14:30) 29/7 (09:30), or 5/8 (09:30)

Topic 2: Stories Behind the Lenses (3hours) – HK$480
Date: 21/7 (09:30), 21/7(14:30), 25/7 (09:30), 28/7 (09:30), 28/7 (14:30), or 1/8 (09:30)

Topic 3: Go Little Yogis (1 hour) – HK$280
Date: 22/7 (09:30), 24/7 (09:30), 24/7 (14:30), 31/7 (09:30), 31/7 (14:30), or 1/8 (09:30)

Topic 4: Ceramic Feast (2 hours) – HK$480
Date: 22/7(10:30), 28/7 (10:30), 28/7 (14:30), 29/7 (10:30), 4/8 (10:30), or 4/8 (14:30)

Topic 5: What is Sound? (2 hours) – HK$380
Date: 25/7 (09:30), 31/7 (09:30), 31/7 (14:30), 4/8 (09:30), 4/8 (14:30), or 5/8 (09:30)

Download Application Form: https://www.pmq.org.hk/media/PMQ_A_Sensory_Voyage_application_form.pdf
Download leaflet: https://www.pmq.org.hk/media/PMQ_SensoryVoyage_Leaflet_Online.pdf
Video: https://youtu.be/kqbcPAmT7C4

Application procedure:

  1. Please submit the completed application form along with full payment of participation fees in order to be processed. Applications should be sent to the associated organizer:
    Chiczando Concept and Culture Limited
    1/F, 13a Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  2. Applicants will be fully refunded within 1 month when vacancies are unavailable.
  3. Fees paid cannot be transferred to another participant or a later date.
  4. Application Deadline: mid of July 2015. Late or incomplete application without payment may not be considered.
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