“100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese” Photo Exhibition


13 June (Saturday) – 26 June (Friday)


3:00pm -6:00pm (13 June, Saturday): Opening Reception
12:00nn – 8:00pm (13 – 26 June): Exhibition

Asia/Hong_Kong “100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese” Photo Exhibition DATE: 13 June (Saturday) – 26 June (Friday)
TIME: 3:00pm -6:00pm (13 June, Saturday): Opening Reception 12:00nn – 8:00pm (13 – 26 June): Exhibition
S201, Staunton

S201, Staunton

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Admission Free

Self-Portrait, an all-time interesting way of expression which reflects human relations, as well as the way of how to see and to be seen. It is not just about one self, it reflects the traces of living, cultural value, personal judgment and identity issue of a period of time in the course of the history. This characteristic is specially obvious in our contemporary world since cameras and smartphones became popular. Suddenly, photography became an essential part of everyones’ everyday life. We are all so keen on creating loads of images each and every day that even created a trend of making image about oneself that entitled a new definition called “Selfie”.

However, at the very moment that people holding up their camera or smartphone, when the camera is right in their face, when they are about to push the shutter button, would questions like these come across their mind – How much do we really know about ourself? What kind of self image do you want to project in the self-portrait? What we would observe from 100 pieces of Hongkongese self-portraits which came from an open call submission?

These questions and many others, with the discussion around them were the starting point of our project of “100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese”.

In August 2014, we called for submission through social media for the self-portrait that represented themselves the most from participants that came from all walks of life including general public, artists and professional photographers. This project aimed at creating an interesting platform for exchanging ideas and experiences about photography, as well as engaging the public to reflect on the thinking about this generation of Hongkongese through the images collected. In June 2015, the 100 pieces of self-portraits selected from the submissions has been presented in this exhibition and complied into a photo book. An exhibition and photo book that belongs to every Hongkongese.

* “100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese” is a non-profit making project. All net profit from the sales of the photo books will be donated to “Kong Yeah”, a non-profit group, to support local farms and local food production.

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