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​Thematic Exhibition on Safer Living 2.0 Reducing Natural Disasters​

11 June 2019 (Tuesday) – 19 June 2019 (Wednesday)

Products Launch, Promotion

Root Three at PMQ Taste Kitchen

15 May 2019 (Wednesday) – 16 June 2019 (Sunday)

Function, Talk, Workshop

Movie Screening – Mini Anifest

15 June 2019 (Saturday) – 16 June 2019 (Sunday)

Exhibition, Function, Seminar, Talk, Workshop

Yes! Kids Can

Yes! Kids Can School Outreach: May 2019 – November 2019
Yes! Kids Can Summer Camp: July 2019 – August 2019
Yes! Kids Can Creative Festival: 17 August 2019 (Saturday) – 25 August 2019 (Sunday)


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