Story Pie
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S505
Ally & Brenda
Arts, Pop-up
Now - 06. 04. 2025
10:00am – 7:00pm
+852 5506 2939 call

2024 Workshops:

27 January 2024 (Saturday) – 28 January 2024 (Sunday)
24 February 2024 (Saturday) – 25 February 2024 (Sunday)
30 March 2024 (Saturday) – 31 March 2024 (Sunday)

Life-Size Portrait Workshop

Story Pie is a gallery dedicated to children’s art – with children’s storybooks to inspire, messy art in action, and finely curated showcase.

We host mural art workshops that are fused with story time. The wisdom and joy of children’s stories and expressive art channels have deep implication for them in life. We create a pathway for children to immerse into the wonders of storybook and experiment with ideas inspired.

Drawing conversations on ways that help us to discover our authentic styles through art. Stay curious!

Founder’s Background

Mother and daughter duo who see their talents cross path.

Brenda dreams to own a children book store and where she could welcome children for story telling sessions – inspired by Meg Ryan’s “You’ve got Mail”. For decades, Brenda has devoted herself in story telling using her immense book collection.
Ally, a knitwear designer and art teacher, decided to act and turn her artistic pursue with her mom’s talent in story, unfolding their first store named ‘Story Pie’.

Featured Highlights


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