Incense Harbour
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 4F / S403
Erick Sze
12:30pm - 7:00pm Daily
+852 5281 2402 call
Online Shopping

Incense Harbour is the direct translation of the Chinese name of Hong Kong – 香港.

The label was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the world was largely locked down and frequent travelers, including ourselves, were unable to easily explore new destinations.

This period encouraged a slower pace of life, allowing us all to pause and appreciate the beauty of our own hometowns. It was during this reflective time that we began observing Hong Kong with fresh eyes and translating our impressions into simple, yet impactful graphics.

As the brand evolved, we expanded our offerings to a timeless, unisex collection. All of our products are small-batch, quality-made right here in Hong Kong. They are designed to be wearable pieces that can grow and evolve alongside the wearer.

Team of Incense Harbour’s BACKGROUND

As a small business, we have a tight-knit team of three who all play multiple roles to keep things running smoothly. Erick, our founder, focuses primarily on product design, including patterns, graphics, and shop design. He also helps out with marketing, sales, and even carries out porter duties from time to time.

Karen is our clothing designer for both the “GOC” and “Incense Harbour”brands, overseeing every aspect of the production chain. She also assists with managing the shop’s daily operations when needed.

Nikki is our shop manager, responsible for both online and offline sales. She primarily looks after the shop and is also our HR and accountant.

We take pride in connecting with our customers and love to hear their stories. If you happen to see us in the shop, please don’t hesitate to say hello!

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