PMQ Corner #29

We Are PMQ Create-preneurs (IV)

Stars & Tart, 513 Paintshop, Stylus Studio

To establish one's own brand, sometimes it's like nurturing a new life. It doesn't matter if you are playing the part as the founder or a parent, you will experience happiness along with the painstaking process. Calvin and Bibi run their business "Stars & Tart" together. Being parents-to-be, what kind of expectation they have in mind? Eunice and Simon, respective founders of "513 Paint Shop" and "Stylus Studio", have something in common. They both became parents after setting up their studios in PMQ. Three years have passed since they started development of their own brands while raising their children at the same time. What have they learnt and felt along the way?

Stars & Tart | H204, Hollywood

513 Paintshop| S513, Staunton

Stylus Studio| S514, Staunton (Moved out)

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