SS17 Opulent Berries Collection by Belinda Chang


November 2016 onward


1:00pm – 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong SS17 Opulent Berries Collection by Belinda Chang DATE: November 2016 onward
TIME: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
H403, Hollywood

H403, Hollywood


+852 2155 4198

Obellery is a Contemporary Jewellery Studio founded in 2014 by Belinda Chang and Hugo Yeung. The studio aims to promote contemporary and innovative wearable-object, showcasing quality craftsmanship and offering jewellery-smithing courses for the public.

Obellery Studio is announcing a new collection by Belinda Chang in this festive season.

Belinda was trained in Birmingham City University, School of Jewellery and received her BA in 2011. She had exhibited her works internationally including the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. Pearls and floral motif are the marks of Belinda Chang’s aesthetic. While the choice of material may be conventional, the visual composition of her pieces is definitely contemporary.

Deriving from Belinda’s love for natural pearls, she had given new life to the classic com- bination that is, pearls and precious metal. In her new collection, she experimented with scale and juxtaposition of elements. Viewing from the front, bulbous pearls glimmers under light; from the back showcases the smooth metal finish, a sign of master craftsmanship.

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Instagram: obelleryjewellery

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