Rising Dragon Ryuta Kinjo Art Exhibition


3 March 2020 (Tuesday) – 5 April 2020 (Sunday)


12:00nn – 6:00pm

03/03/2020 12:00 04/05/2020 18:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Rising Dragon Ryuta Kinjo Art Exhibition DATE: 3 March 2020 (Tuesday) – 5 April 2020 (Sunday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 6:00pm
H401, Hollywood

H401, Hollywood

Ryuta Kinjo & Arts & Crafts Studio
Fee (HKD)


This is Ryuta Kinjo’s debut exhibition with the Arts & Crafts Studio and his first solo show in Hong Kong.

Ryuta Kinjo from Okinawa Japan . He express [Golden Dragon], [Horizon] and [Mys be etery of Life] through his original technique, most of his art and he using “glitter”, so you can experience thousands of tiny, reflective glittery pieces spread out over the art and enveloped in a dazzling light. Ryuta Kinjo will introduce 24 new art pieces during this exhibition in Hong Kong.

/About Artist

Born in 1978 Okinawa Japan. His Art is self-taught and he decided to become a professional artist when he was 30 years old. He had an exhibition over 16 times in Japan. Recent years he uses glitter to present the [Mystical Dragon] and inspired spirituality of [Horizon].

He believes in the connection of mind & spirit which is the restoration of humanity, messages through his art works are humanity connects all being and we all need each other. As these messages expand, people are kind to each other, society become gentle and our world will be in peace, main message is [HOPE].

/Ryuta Kinjo’s message

“To have an art exhibition in Hong Kong is one of my dreams and greatest Joy. Difference of where we stand and culture, we have different opinions and perspectives, But I believe we are all same human being and connecting with a strong bond. My art expresses strong connection with the Life Force and unshakable Hope.

I hope I can share this to as many people as possible. And I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who made this Exhibition possible in Hong Kong. Thank you very much.”

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