PMQ Easter Playground


4 April 2023 (Tuesday) – 14 April 2023 (Friday)


11:00am – 6:00pm

04/04/2023 11:00 04/14/2023 18:00 Asia/Hong_Kong PMQ Easter Playground DATE: 4 April 2023 (Tuesday) – 14 April 2023 (Friday)
TIME: 11:00am – 6:00pm
G/F, Hollywood (Block B)

G/F, Hollywood (Block B)

Fee (HKD)


Looking for family fun this Easter? Let your little ones enjoy an amusing Easter break by joining our ‘PMQ Easter Playground’ from 4 April to 14 April!

You may find delightful games like ‘Brake on the Giant Rainbow!’ and ‘Twist to Go!’ here, also include the must-play Egg Hunt item ‘Hunt the “Running Eggie”!’. Parents are also encouraged to relive their childhood memories through various games with your kids and explore every corner to rediscover your inner child!

By completing our 3 thrilling games, you can win our Easter prizes provided by studios and shops in PMQ!

Start the Game

1. Participants shall get a set of Mission Card and Sticker Set from the staff at the Info Desk on G/F, BLOCK B (next to the vending machine).
2. Complete the ‘Hunt the “Running Eggie”! task on the Mission Card correctly; and
3. Participate in ‘Brake on the Giant Rainbow!’ and ‘Twist to Go!’ and collect one stamp from each of the games.
4. After completing (2) and (3), participants can proceed to HG11, G/F, BLOCK B to participate in a mini game and get a prize (daily quantities are limited and available while stocks last).

  • Game 1: Hunt the ‘Running Eggie’!
    • 1. There are ‘Running Eggies’ located at different corners of PMQ and only 10 of them are numbered.
      2. Participants are required to search for three specific ‘Running Eggies’ according to the numbers on their Mission Card.
      3. Stick the corresponding patterned sticker on your Mission Card to reach completion.
      4. By completing ‘Hunt the “Running Eggie”!’ and collecting two ‘Mission’ stamps from the other two games, you may proceed to HG11, G/F, BLOCK B to participate in a mini game to determine the prize obtained (daily quantities are limited and available while stocks last).

      1. ‘Running Eggies’ are located in the public spaces from 1/F to 5/F of PMQ.
      2. ‘Running Eggies’ are NOT hidden in stores/among the goods.

    • Game 2: Brake on the Giant Rainbow!
      • 1. Player should form a group of two and will draw a specific coloured target.
        2. Player A sits on the cart and Player B pushes them towards the rainbow. At least two wheels should stop within the target (Child aged 3-12 is requested to be accompanied by an adult).
        3. Each group of players has two trials for each round.
        4. If the players successfully accomplish the game target, they can each earn one ‘Mission’ stamp.
        5. After collecting the required number of ‘Mission’ stamps and completing ‘Hunt the “Running Eggie”!’, participants can proceed to HG11, G/F, BLOCK B to participate in a mini game and get a prize (daily quantities are limited and available while stocks last).

        1. A maximum of two people can participate in each round of the game.
        2. Only those who weigh less than 150kg can participate.
        3. Participants must wear comfortable casual clothes to participate in the game. It is not recommended to participate while wearing short skirts or inappropriate clothing.

      • Game 3: Twist to Go!
        • 1. Spin the dial to determine the coloured spots to be used.
          2. Move one hand/foot at a time while remaining others on the mat, players must reach the end point as quickly as possible.
          3. Completing the game within the time limit, player can earn one ‘Mission’ stamp.
          4. After collecting the required number of ‘Mission’ stamps and completing ‘Hunt the “Running Eggie”!’, participants can proceed to HG11, G/F, BLOCK B to participate in a mini-game and get a prize (daily quantities are limited and available while stocks last)

          1. Each path can only accommodate one player at a time.
          2. Shoes are not allowed on the path.
          3. Except for the hands and feet, no other body part can touch the ground.
          4. For both paths, only designated coloured spots can be touched by hands and feet.
          5. On the Challenging Path, only hands or feet can touch the spots marked with hand or foot icons.
          6. The top five players to complete the Challenging Path the fastest will be listed on the Leaderboard.
          7. Participants must wear comfortable casual clothes to participate in the game. It is not recommended to participate while wearing short skirts or inappropriate clothing.

          How to Win an Easter prize

          1. Participants must bring along the completed mission card to HG11, G/F, Block B and determine the prize to be awarded by throwing hoops.
          2. Some numbered cones will be placed onsite. The type of prize correspondent with each number will be displayed accordingly.
          3. Participants should throw the hoop onto a cone to receive the prize corresponding to the number assigned to the cone.
          4. The actual prize obtained is based on the number assigned to the cone that the participant first successfully threw a hoop onto.
          5. Each qualified participant will have three trials. You will receive a consolation prize if you are unable to throw hoops onto any cone within three trials.

          The list of merchants sponsoring prizes for the event is as follows, in no particular order.

          Unit no. Shop Unit no. Shop
          H201 mimi mono 奈美良一 SG03-07 Jimix Store
          H206 The Little Finger Studio Jewellery S102-103 CCHIC by Toptex & Co
          H208 794729 metalwork S204 YC Yeung Chin
          H302 Nu Shop S205 Tove & Libra
          H305 X`taste Republic S213 me Me & ME
          H310 Qipology S303 MODEMENT
          H401 Arts & Crafts Studio S304 Bamboa Home
          H406 ARTO S401 Eravolution | madethisera
          H407 Absolute Vintage S403 Bathe to Basics
          H408 Rcube_STORE S409 Chailie Ho/Jade in Style
          H410 Loupe S410 Alternative Country
          S413 Mondovi


          You may also join the ‘Paint the Easter Egg!’ workshop and create your own Easter egg at the scene using various colours and decorations we provided, creating lasting memories of fun and joy!

          Terms and conditions for Easter Prize:

          1. The event period is 4-14 April, 2023, while the redemption period of specific prizes will be 4-30 April, 2023, including the first and last day.
          2. Winners have the responsibility to claim their prize according to the instructions within the specified deadline, otherwise, it will be considered as giving up the right to receive the prize and related benefits.
          3. All prizes (including redemption vouchers or redemption letters) cannot be returned, transferred or exchanged for cash.
          4. The colour of the physical prizes will be randomly distributed. All prizes are subject to the actual physical prizes and cannot be exchanged.
          5. Winners must carefully check the prizes. If any damage is found, they can request the staff or related merchants to arrange for a replacement on the spot, otherwise, the prize will not be returned or exchanged after being received.
          6. The organiser will not issue a replacement for any lost prizes that have been claimed.
          7. PMQ Management Co. Ltd. is not a prize supplier and therefore is not responsible for the maintenance and related issues of the prizes.
          8. Employees of PMQ Management Co. Ltd. and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this activity to ensure fairness.
          9. If the winner causes any loss to the organiser or a third party due to any behaviour, the relevant person will be responsible for all consequences.
          10. The activity is subject to relevant terms and restrictions. Participants who participate in the activity agree to abide by all the above terms and conditions.
          11. In case of any dispute, PMQ Management Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.
          12. PMQ Management Co. Ltd. reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time. In the event of any changes, no further notice will be given

          House Rules:

          1. Alcohol-based hand rubs will be provided at different event venues.
          2. Only one or a group of two participants is allowed for each round of ‘Brake on the Giant Rainbow!’ round and ‘Twist to Go!’. Please be patient and queue up at the designated waiting area. Those who would like to play one more time after completing a round must queue up again.
          3. Children aged 12 or below must be accompanied by their parents or guardians when participating in (specific) games. The parents or guardians are solely responsible for supervising and taking care of their children.
          4. Please be sure to follow the staff’s instructions and read the game rules carefully while participating in the games.
          5. By participating in any game, visitors agree to comply with and be bound by the corresponding rules and regulations.
          6. In order to protect the safety of the public, the staff has the right to refuse any person who behaves inappropriately to participate in the game.
          7. Please keep the venue clean.
          8. To avoid danger, please refrain from running inside the game zone.
          9. Please take care of your personal belongings.
          10. Please do not damage or take away any props or decorations from the event venue.
          11. The organiser will review the situation and adjust relevant event measures as and when necessary without prior notice.

          Terms and conditions:

          1. The event will be held from 4 April, 2023 to 14 April, 2023. Prize redemption is subject to expiration dates listed on the corresponding redemption coupons/letters
          2. The visitor shall indemnify PMQ Management Co. Ltd. (‘the organiser’) against all actions, claims, and demands by any person who suffers or sustains any death, injury, loss, or damage arising as a result of the interaction with the games by the visitor or any person so authorised by him/her due to the negligence of his/her part or on the part of such authorised person.
          3. Participants must ensure that their physical condition is suitable for the activity and are responsible for their own safety. If participants feel unwell during the activity, please take a rest. In case of any emergency, the organiser will report to the police.
          4. All props, decorations and workshop materials are regarded as the property of the organiser. If there is any intentional damage or any game props, decorations and workshop materials are taken away without authorisation, the organiser reserves the right to pursue and claim compensation.
          5. The workshop tools and materials are provided by the supplier and the related quality issue is solely up to the supplier. Participants are advised to use them with caution. The organiser is not responsible for any losses or damages, or personal injuries caused by the workshop (including, but not limited to, direct or indirect).
          6. All pictures are for reference only.
          7. The organiser may conduct photography and video recording at the event venue, and the resulting images and/or sounds may be used for any purpose including publicity without prior notice. All the rights to these portraits and the interests generated therefrom are fully owned by the organiser, and the organiser does not need to pay any fees or assume any responsibilities to the participants.
          8. In inclement weather conditions and for safety reasons, the organiser reserves its rights of final arbitration on the cancellation or rearrangement of the entire event and its activities.
          9. The organiser may, without prior notice and without compensation, change the operating hours of the event, close it temporarily or permanently, and/or restrict the number of participants with access to the event venues, due to capacity, equipment maintenance, or if the organiser considers that the circumstances require.
          10. Should any dispute arise, the decision of PMQ Management Co. Ltd. shall be final.
          11. PMQ Management Co. Ltd. reserves the right to adjust the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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