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Jungle All the Way


15 December (Friday) – 31 December 2017 (Sunday)


12:00nn – 9:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong Jungle All the Way DATE: 15 December (Friday) – 31 December 2017 (Sunday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 9:00pm
Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F

Collaborating Partners
Supporting Units:

Christmas is a day of love — not just love for ourselves, family and friends, but also for our planet.

PMQ has partnered with an architecture firm AaaM (Architecture as a Medium) and Green Power to present “Jungle All the Way”, an environmental-friendly, design-centric Christmas installation that uses recycled drink cartons to craft a festive jungle of Christmas trees.

Opened to the public from December 15th to 31st, visitors can be mesmerised by the jungle and its various inhabitants, including paper crafted “local wildlife animals” made by local design team Stickyline. In addition, PMQ has worked alongside the Go Cup team and various creative parties to come up with several unique experience markets for visitors to raise awareness and understand the importance of reducing waste during celebration.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Installation Designed and Crafted by AaaM Architects
The creative and stunning installation of “Jungle All the Way” were designed and crafted by AaaM Architects which uses Architecture as a medium to show its care for environmental sustainability and urban innovation. The AaaM team turns more than 15,000 used drink cartons collected from the Green Power network to 36 Christmas trees. The aluminum foil lining inside these boxes is perfect to be used as shiny, reflective decorations, while the various different coloured boxes have been carefully used to creative vibrant motifs. Together, the installation glimmers exquisitely at night with the aid of energy-saving LED lights. You can also admire the jungle from an above-ground vantage point by going up to the higher floors of either block. This Christmas, let’s witness the blend of design, environmental awareness, and holiday spirit here at PMQ.

Green Power Teams with Four Primary Schools — Educate the Next Generation to build a More Beautiful World
It is an important initiative to teach children at a young age to be creative and care for the environment. Having pioneered Hong Kong’s first drink carton recycling initiative, Green Power has collaborated with students from four local primary schools — S.K.H. Holy Cross Primary School, Pui Ching Primary School, Christian Alliance S. Y. Yeh Memorial Primary School, and HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Lin Association School – to collect discarded cartons, work with the AaaM team to fold the drink cartons and implement them into Christmas trees at PMQ.

In early December, PMQ and Little Green Feet Parent-Child Reading Club will tour around the city with a mobile cart and demonstrate a shared vision of enjoying holidays in environmental-friendly ways to the community, giving them a hands-on process of creations like how to fold a recycled drink carton into a Christmas tree leaf. You can also try one! (Demo video)

“Christmas Zero Market” Providing Solutions for Sustainability

  1. Goodies Swap Market
  2. “Sharing is a virtue.” It’s not a must to spend money when one visits a market. In Goodies Swap Market, visitors can make more than just materialistic exchanges; it brings you memories and different themed interactions, such as human library and coffee matching. The workshops here provide reusable resources, giving you a chance to transform your creativity into thoughtful gifts for yourself, your friends or even Earth. By exchanging good stuff, you will find all the good stuff.

    • Date: December 16th to 17th, 2017
    • Time: 12nn to 8pm
    • Location: PMQ Marketplace, G/F
    • Organisers: PMQ, Create & Yay
    • Visit here for more details

  3. Go Cup X PMQ “Christmas Zero Market”
  4. With “zero waste” as a goal, Go Cup will bring various environmental friendly branded products to the market, such as eco-friendly utensils, natural and eco-friendly soap and hair products, products made from recycled cloths, vintage second-hand items, etc. All items will be sold without packaging and bags, so visitors are encouraged to bring their own reusable tote bags and utensils to shop and dine at the market. If you forget your own utensils, don’t worry — ‘We-use’ utensil lending services will be available for visitors, so they can enjoy food and beverages without burdening mother earth with plastic waste. PMQ Taste Library will also collaborate with green group Food Grace to think of creative use of donated unsold food ingredients in order to promote a zero-waste lifestyle. The market will feature a variety of activities and workshops, so visitors can nourish their health and life.

    • Date: December 22nd to 26th, 2017
    • Time: 12nn to 6pm (December 22); 12nn to 8pm (December 23 to 26)
    • Location: PMQ Marketplace, G/F
    • Organisers: Go Cup, PMQ
    • Participating Units: PMQ Taste Library, Food Grace
    • Visit here for more details

  5. Get Ready for 2018 Market
  6. “You really are going to leave it like that?” As 2018 approaches, it is time for some contemplation. Think about the consequences of ditching your old belongings, will you consider upgrading them and give them a new meaning? Get ready for some DIY and multiple activities, it’s time to plan out your new year resolutions.

    • Date: December 30th to 31st, 2017
    • Time: 12nn to 8pm (December 30); 12nn to 6pm (December 31)
    • Location: PMQ Marketplace, G/F
    • Organisers: PMQ
    • Visit here for more details

  7. Christmas Movie Screening
  8. Beyond Beauty, Taiwan from Above

    • Date: December 16 2017
    • Time: 3:30pm
    • Location: Qube, 2/F, Block A
    • Organiser: PMQ, MOViE MOViE by bc (Now TV ch 116)
    • Visit here for more details

    The Rewrite

    • Date: December 23 2017
    • Time: 3:30pm
    • Location: Qube, 2/F, Block A
    • Organiser: PMQ, MOViE MOViE by bc (Now TV ch 116)
    • Visit here for more details

    Plastic China

# Click here for more details about Hong Kong’s First Drink Carton Recycling Campaign.

Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. In any cases of dispute, the decision of PMQ Management Co. Ltd shall be final.

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