Honestly Dishonest – A new mural by D*Face


11-14 May 2014


No fixed period

Asia/Hong_Kong Honestly Dishonest – A new mural by D*Face DATE: 11-14 May 2014
TIME: No fixed period
Elevator, Hollywood Garden

Elevator, Hollywood Garden


In conjunction with D*Face’s first solo exhibition in Asia, D*Face is proud to present a new public mural at PMQ Elevator, sponsored exclusively by Beef & Liberty

Mural Painting at PMQ: 11-14 May

D*Face is fascinated by society’s increasing appetite for information, the latest feed, the most recent tweet or post rolling into the past on the wave of a finger: like, unlike, follow, unfollow. We’re living in a world where information is fed to us; spoon to mouth, one after the other, repeatedly… but where does it all go? What happens to this information we digest? This constant barrage of images and information we knowingly and unknowingly absorb, on every journey, whether that journey be a lifetime or merely the time spent traveling from home to work, is relayed to us whether we want it or not. Billboard advertising, TV commercials, audio jingles, we store some and forget others like a jammed rotating billboard displaying different adverts all in one beautiful mess, selling us a ‘luxury lifestyle kids toothpaste for 12 monthly repayments’ like a real time, real life game of ‘Exquisite Corpse’.

About the Artist:
D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career on the streets over 15 years ago by hand-drawing stickers and posters and adhering them for the unsuspecting public to discover in the streets of London and beyond, he is one of the best known figures to rise from the British scene having had a constant leading presence throughout it’s meteoric rise into popular culture. (more…)

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