Fest Zero


19 September (Saturday) – 20 September (Sunday)


11:00am – 8:00pm (Sat)
11:00am – 6:00pm (Sun)

Asia/Hong_Kong Fest Zero DATE: 19 September (Saturday) – 20 September (Sunday)
TIME: 11:00am – 8:00pm (Sat) 11:00am – 6:00pm (Sun)
Marketplace & Courtyard, G/F

Marketplace & Courtyard, G/F

Smiley Planet
Fee (HKD)

Free for Exhibition ; Workshop fee:$80

Sponsored by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, Smiley Planet organised “Fest Zero” to promote awareness of cutting wastes. Please join us at PMQ from 19/9-20/9 to recover “useless stuff” created in our daily lives and immerse in the experiences of turning them into something useful, fun and even tasty.
Activities include:

  • Workshops: Solar Dye Workshop, Patchwork Blanket Workshop, Tee Tote Silkscreen Workshop, Pickle Workshop, Green B Farming Workshop & Glycerin Workshop, etc.
    Workshop fee: HK$80 per person (all fees will be donated to support Food Angel’s food rescue programme)
  • Mamaswap: Should you wish to give an old belonging a better owner after impulse buying, or simply be responsible for your unwanted items, come join us at [ MAMASWAP ] – a gathering for people who cherish things.
  • Jam Zero Food Tasting: Made with the perfectly good surplus fruits collected by Food Angel, by hand and with love.
    Food and beverages made with the jam, such as muffins and fruit drinks, will also be served.
    Feel free to bring one bottle of jam home and donate to support Food Angel’s food rescue programme.
  • Zero Chair Exhibition: The exhibition will showcase three collections of upcycled chairs designed by three local design units- KaCaMa Design Lab, LAAB & Pokit Brand Builder.
  • Outdoor film screening: An outdoor screening of the award-winning documentary,“Just Eat It.”
    A young couple turns themselves into test subjects in this hugely entertaining study of the 21st century culture of excess.

  • To sign up, please visit: www.putyourself.in/festzero

    Facebook www.facebook.com/OurSmileyPlanet

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