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Monty Wong
21.07.2021 - 20.04.2022
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WHOAMI was established in 2015, started with Korean fashion with its social media and website. In 2019, it’s first official offline channel, The 3rd Floor, was opened in Granville Road, TST, aiming to provide its featured personal shopping service.

In 2020, it’s milestone was marked by getting the exclusive distribution and License rights in Hong Kong and Macau, for two Korean brands, namely 1537 Oohlala and Style Jieum. And the crossover fashion series, Charlotte Ng x WHOAMI, developed with Hong Kong designer, Charlotte Ng, was launched in the same year, renowned for its ‘Daily Corture’ philosophy.

In this year, in 2021, WHOAMI has 6 self operated offline channels and the online channels are developing simultaneously, aiming to work for their philosophy: I AM WHO I AM, every little things are independent from everyone’s minds, trying to add little blessings by different ‘things, and to’ find yourselves’ in the process.

Featured Highlights
WHOAMI Fashion

WHOAMI Fashion features different fashionable items from Korea and all around the world since 2015. Creating own modern style through different mix and match.

Charlotte Ng X WHOAMI

WHOAMI launched crossover daily wear line with a local designer brand, Charlotte Ng Studio (CNS) in 2020 to introduce more of Hong Kong Local Design to the public and to be exposed to stylish & elegant design daily.

925 Silver Accessories

The 925 Silver Accessories selected by WHOAMI emphasize its simplicity and timeless. It shapes your personal style even wearing it for decades.

Pieces of Time

The pieces of time, handmade from preserved flowers and dried plants in Korea, are inspired by Mother Nature’s changing appearances over time and seasons. Herbarium is a technique that allows a plant to be kept intact in a bottle of special solution. Looking into the sunlight, the tranquil forest of plants feels like a landscape. Collect time-scraping pieces with new designs every season.

1537 Oohlala

1537 Oohlala is a Korean Houseware and Stationary Brand, established in 2017. “Ooh la la” is French that is an exclamation expressive of surprise! They named the company “1537 Oohlala” hoping that people can be surprised and amazed with their funny and naive
characters and products. 1537 Oohlala provides a feeling of warmth and joyfulness through their selection of high premium products and funny visual. Enjoy your day!

Cosmic Mansion

Cosmic Mansion is a fragrance and scented candle brand that comes from Itaewon, South Korea. All its products are made from natural elements that babies, pets, and pregnant women are can be used contentedly. Cosmic Mansion emphasis on nature that it created 10 unique favours; including “” Girl with Rose”" based on rose flower and grapefruit fruit that is sweet and elegant, “”Full Moon”" based on lavender and peony flowers that help relieve stress, etc. It provides a variety of products such as scented candles, fabric sprays, diffusers, hand cream, etc to let everyone enjoy their own space with fresh and natural fragrance.


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