Travel Around The World – Solo Exhibition by Kathy Fung
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 2F / H203
Kathy Fung
Exhibition, Pop-up
2020. 11. 21 - 2020. 12. 03
10:00am – 8:00pm

During the COVID-19 virus fighting period, all the Hong Kong people have to stay in the city and travelling outside Hong Kong becomes only a dream. Same as many Hong Kong people, the artist is also looking forward to the day to be on the flight as she is a travel lover. The artist shares her travel memories through her Chinese ink paintings and organizes this “travel around the world” tour in PMQ.


Kathy is an amateur Chinese Ink Painting artist. Her first touch on art was acrylic painting. Later she was impressed by the artistic conception of Chinese ink art and then she focuses on modern Chinese ink art creation. Instead of painting traditional landscape, her paint is full of crossover between the East and the West and she likes to create sparks by mixing something extraordinary modern with something traditional. She believes that breaking through the tradition is a way to inherit the tradition. She is now following Chinese ink master Mr LAM Wu Fui to enhance the Chinese ink painting technique.

Featured Highlights
Natural Social Distancing - A day in Antarctica
Summer hydrangeas in Japan (details)
My little Anwen - Koala in Australia (details)


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