the flowery. Exhibition
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S510
Michelle Tang
Arts, Exhibition, Pop-up
02. 09. 2023 - 30. 10. 2023
11:00am – 7:00pm

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and they are an assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world. The flowery. — botanical illustrations that meaning to depict the blooming season after winter, after the harsh time and the silver lining from the unpleasant situation.

The collection delineated the relationship between line, shapes & form, which incorporates range of various organic lines and negative space to create refined yet crafty detailed designs placed against a background, without gradations in shade or hue to represent both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The design covers repetition elements that defined a rhythmic figure that propels scenes of lack dynamic visual action and demonstrate the fine line detailing of the graphics.

Printing method showcased a combination of Anatalis Arjowiggins Creative Papers — Skin Black, Pop’Set and Polytrade Lorenzo Parchment, executing with specialty dry inks from Iridesse production press.

Designers’s Background

Michelle Tang is a multidisciplinary visual designer and print enthusiast based in Hong Kong, verified member of People Of Print. As a visual designer, she creates stunning visuals to attract consumers’ eyes. She particularly enjoys the execution stage where she can play with a variety of materials, finishing, and printing methods.

Besides line drawing and patterns, Michelle is highly passionate about flower illustration and printing production. She loves to explore different print execution with various type of creative paper, that helps her to find the solution that can depict the design in the best form, and also maximise the beauty of line art.

Michelle’s works have been exhibited and published both locally and abroad. Her works have also been recognised by HOW, WBDA, iaaawards and Indigo, in areas of branding and print design.


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