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OctoberEighteen began in the living room of founder Brenda who sew, alter and design her own clothes. Encouraged by other fashionista, Brenda began selling her creation in local craft markets and the city’s pop-up stores. OctoberEighteen was born. 

Designed by women for women, the brand’s inspiration comes from the sophisticated silhouettes from the past, with a pinch of modern attitude. OctoberEighteen believed that femininity is in the details. The aim has always been to create easy-to-wear and quality clothing. Focus on versatility, femininity and individuality. Design and create comfortable and beautiful clothing for the modern women, to be worn without the constraints of seasonal trends and dress codes. 

Founder’s Background

Born and raised in Hong Kong. Brenda started her career as a professional fitness trainer, worked in Hong Kong, Doha and Dubai, training clients from all over the world. 15 years later, at the age of 33, She signed up for a two weeks beginner sewing course and fell in love. “It’s never too late to learn something new and different.” Brenda said. Having spent two full year advancing her sewing skills, She started the in-demand womenswear label OctoberEighteen, named after a very special day of hers.

“I never set out to be a fashion designer, nor do I have a shiny fashion background, everything has been driven by interests and passion. Sitting hours and hours, days and days in front of my sewing machine, making countless mistakes and plenty of unwearable clothes before finally getting it right. “ – Brenda

Featured Highlights


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