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Lucy Shih
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As from the brand name “Oecoeco”, inside which you can see the word “eco”. This naturally enables you to associate it with “Ecological” or “Environmental”. In fact, Oecoeco is advocating green and natural safety products and pays full attention to ecological and environmental protection throughout the whole production process as well. Moreover, “eco” originates from the Latin word, “Oeco” which means “Family”. Therefore, Oecoeco intends to let our customers to take each piece of our products, being filled with love and care, back to their families so that you and your family members will surely feel cozy and

Lucy Shih obtained the Master in Fashion Design at the Royal College of Art, UK. She launched her brand and received the “Best Collection Award” elected by International Press at her first entry into the Fall/Winter Hong Kong Fashion Week and two other Grand Awards in 1994. Lucy is a well-known Haute Couture designer in Hong Kong. The former Princess Alexandra of Denmark was once her client. Recently, Lucy has been concentrating on ethical fashion. In 2006, she developed a series of Eco-Multi-usage garment which was later successfully patented.

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