Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 2F / S205
Benjamin Hui
2022. 04. 28 - 2022. 09. 30
1:00pm - 8:00pm Daily
+852 9459 1776 call
$560 - $760
Online Shopping

LONO is determined in making the transition from synthetic to organic, biodegradable materials. Our goal is to reduce waste and pollution while transforming sustainable resources into shoes with remarkable functionality.

LONO TREE, featuring an innovative material called Treiba®. This renewable material is a hybrid of Tree and Ceiba fiber (Treiba®), creating a soft, breathable, odour-busting blend that is used to knit the upper of the shoe. What makes LONO special is the option of going sockless, mimicking that raw connection between human body and nature. It offers a whole new sneaker experience in terms of feet-feel and comfort, driven by functionality and sustainability. The ultimate goal? Making better shoes for a better world!

Designer’s Background
Lono is a new Hong Kong-based brand founded by Ben Hui, whose passion for shoe-making originated from his heritage. Hui’s grandfather opened one of the city’s very first shoe factories in the 1950s, so naturally, he followed in his footsteps and began working in the footwear industry a decade ago. But he wanted to “do it better” and shift away from the industry status quo of unsustainable high-volume, low-quality production to make something that was the “most comfortable shoe” that consumers are looking for, yet ticked the boxes when it comes to its eco-footprint.


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