Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 3F / H313
Yokky Wong
Exhibition, Pop-up
20201. 01. 05 - 2021. 01. 30
11:00am - 6:00pm

I am Fragile – Ceramic and Installation Work by Yokky Wong


Master of Arts, Fine Art in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Graphic Design and Studio Ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. She founded her pottery workshop in 1995 and devotes all her effort into the creation of ceramic works and teaching ceramics. She has held solo exhibitions and group shows in Hong Kong and overseas. Her works are collected by museums in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, France, Taiwan.

In 2014, she founded FLOWPLUS, a ceramic shop at PMQ, with her friends, Venus Lee and Heidi Choi, to design series of dining ware that has wonderful hand feel and natural color hues achievable only with ceramics.

Featured Highlights

Imagine I am a roll of Bubblewrap sitting quietly in the corner of the ceramic studio….

No one cast an eye over me, they said, Bubblewrap is not eco-friendly. Layers after layers, I wrap around the fragile ceramic work with my bubble filled feather-like body…

I am soft and tender. Like a shield, I protect the fragile ceramic from cracks with layers of Bubblewrap.

No one notice the Bubblewrap is left idle in the studio. I am nobody. I want to be seen. I need a CHANGE!

I am the Bubblewrap who looks for a CHANGE. I want to become “ceramic” who live through the fire and time.

The Bubblewrap is now made of ceramic. A thin slab of Bubblewrap in pure white porcelain, delicately fragile. Gone are the soft and tender nature of Bubblewrap and its ability to protect the ceramic. The fragile Bubblewrap slab is leaning on a strong body clay asking for protection.


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