Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 2F / H207
Yokky Wong, Heidi Choi, Venus Lee
11:30am - 6:30pm Daily
$100 - $1,000

FLOW+ Living pieces inspire seasonal eating and a deeper exploration of what we eat, evoking the delight of nature brought to the dinner table.

A bowl of food enjoyed with loved ones offers more than an exhilaration of taste. This bowl holds the depth of relationship, maintains the thickness of bonds, and emanates warmth of the heart.

We hope that, through our tableware, more people become engaged with the uniqueness of ceramics; the warmth, colours and textures it brings. Our design philosophy aims to encourage people to really enjoy each meal, embracing seasonal eating and exploring new approaches to the matching of tableware, for a refreshing dining experience.


Yokky was graduated from Master of Fine Art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She studied ceramics under Chan Chung-kong in 1987and obtained a Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1991. She founded her pottery workshop in 1995 and devotes all her effort into the creation ceramic works with her own brand and teaching ceramics. Yokky has held several solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows in Hong Kong and overseas. Her works can be seen at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, World Ceramic Exposition Foundation in Korea, The Shigaraki 信楽Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, Artist in Residence Vallauris Foundation in France, Taipei County Yingge 鶯歌Ceramics Museum and private collectors.

Yokky believes that ceramics have lives if we use them. She hence started the project FLOW+ Living 「好器色」with her partners Heidi and Venus. FLOW+ Living aims to enrich our dining experiences through designing a series of dining ware that has wonderful hand feel and natural color hues achievable only with ceramics.

Featured Highlights
Lotus Root series

Lotus Root grow buried in the mud under water, silently support like the love of parents

Lotus Root series

Lotus Root grow buried in the mud under water, silently support like the love of parents

foodprint fish dish

Let me full of fishes in every meal

foodprint series

Food re-appear on the bottom of the dish reminds us the delicious taste.

Knot with love

The knot, one by one, reminds me of all the crochet work that my mother has produced, it now becomes the basis of my memory.

Four leaf clover

Flexible to use as one or in combination, the shape signifies lucky and love.


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