Delta Blues Audio x Noize Room
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S502
Tony Tam, Asai Mutsushi
Home & Lifestyle, Pop-up
2021. 03. 08 - 2021. 05. 28
1:00pm - 8:00pm
+852 5100 9655 call

The Resonant Speaker is a novel idea in sound engineering that almost results in an instrumental-like response due to the physical properties in various resonant materials such as metal, wood, ceramics, etc.

An International Award-winning design signature “Resonant Speakers” series. Thanks to its unique function and revolutionary form which opens up to various collaboration opportunities, such as Kyoto’s traditional heritage handicraft Kyoto Hikibaku (京都引箔 – metallic foils used in making Obi in Kimono), Kyoto Sahari Orin (佐波理佛鳴具- alchemist mix of special copper and tin used in Buddhist and Shinto bells since the Nara Era) and Louyang Sancai (洛陽三彩 – glazed ceramic technology since the Tang Dynasty). This series will continue to evolve with various artisans and scheduled to be exhibited in various Galleries and Museums.


Tony Tam was born in Hong Kong, educated in Canada, and based in HK. He had developed a career in investment banking for more than twenty years in HK and Tokyo.

In 2011, he decided to pursue his teenage dream which was to design loudspeakers due to his passion for music and in exploring new ideas and concepts. He went on winning international design awards with his signature “Resonant Speakers” series.

A & D Trophy Awards 2015
IDA Design Award 2017
HKDA Global Design Awards 2018
GBA Cultural Creativity Design Competition 2020
China Ceramic Art Design Exhibition – Silver Award 2020

Featured Highlights
Noize Room - Noise influenced Design Structure
Resonant Speakers -Motiv
Floor Speaker stand
Noize Cup


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