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CILOCALA in Japanese is “白から(shi-ro-ka-ra)” It means “from White”

The concept for CILOCALA is ‘BASIC, SIMPLE, and COLOR’ : 20 different colors sneakers and rucksacks that all started from white.

We believe that the colors we pick will capture everyone’s attention. From happy bright colors to cool colors, you would never struggle finding a hue to start your day. Don’t be afraid to try out colors that you’ve never tried before!

We hope that you’ll enjoy picking your favorite colors from 20 different choices, starting from white!


CILOCALA is a factory-based brand, meaning we bring to life our products from concept to final finished product under one roof, at our factory.

Our team has been manufacturing for internationally recognized brands for over 20 years. Drawing on this experience we can simply infuse our design and production technique into our ‘fun and modern’ brand of CILOCALA.

The design may seem very simple and basic, but the materials used are very high quality, passing the safety regulations of the EU with ease. We want our customers to receive the safest and highest quality products from the bottom of our hearts.

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