PMQ Seminar 5: Shop Security and Prevention of Counterfeit Banknotes

Date: 2014.04.03

PMQ Workshop: Brand building through story-telling: “Once Upon a Brand”

Date: 2014.03.21

PMQ Seminar 4: Interior Design, Fitting-Out (Re-run of Seminar 1) & Retail Lighting

Date: 2014.01.23

PMQ Seminar 3: Financial Support to SME

Date: 2014.01.14

PMQ at Inno Design Tech Expo 2013

Date: 2013.12.5-7

Detour 2013

Date: 2013.11.29 - 12.08

PMQ Seminar 2: Branding & Visual Merchandising Tips

Date: 2013.11.20

PMQ Seminar 1: Interior Design & Fitting-Out

Date: 2013.11.01

PMQ  construction site 2012.01 PMQ  construction site 2012.02
Revitalisation of PMQ

Date: 2012-2013

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