Waka Artisans
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 3F / S303
Takako Kosciuszko
12:00nn - 7:00pm Daily
+852 5564 7640 call
$150 - $10,000

Waka Artisans showcases the very best of Japanese culture through the medium of hand crafted ceramics. The work on display features an array of handmade tableware, including teacups, plates and bowls, from the Kasama region 100km outside of Tokyo. There is a wide selection of artisanal sake cups that would be of particular interest to those who appreciate the Japanese rice wine.

The Kasama region has a long history of potters, and the use of a variety of textures and colours created through the clay and particular firing techniques give the pottery an elegant and modern feel. Each piece has been personally selected by Waka Artisans founder Takako Kosciuszko, ensuring that they are not only beautifully unique pieces of art but also practical for everyday use.

Waka Artisans founder Takako Kosciuszko originally started working with fine pottery as a chef, creating Japanese-fusion dishes, presented using the different textures and colours of the tableware to accentuate the food she was serving. Her appreciation for the beautiful simplicity of Japanese pottery and the practical nature of their design was also supplemented by her training in Japanese traditional arts including ikebana (flower arrangement) and the famous Japanese tea ceremony. She has also worked as a pottery consultant for London’s world-renowned department store, Thomas Goode.

Featured Highlights
Introducing Ayame Ooyama

A new potter to our collection who uses traditional blue ‘aizome’ glazing to capture the essence of Japanese design in her intricate patterns.

Autumn Plate by Kiyoko Shimada

A stunning show piece by one of the most famous potters in the Mashiko region. This design is part of her limited edition series only available this Autumn.

Talking Pots by Akiko Hirai

This quirky London-based potter has created these wonderfully animated vases, beautiful individually or as a set.

Silver and White Sake Cups By Koiichi Iinuma

An outrageously popular addition to the Waka collection, each cup has it’s own unique beauty with jewel-like pools of different coloured glazing.

Teapot by Masakatsu Kuriya

The interesting combination of textures makes this teapot a pleasure not only to look at but also to hold and use.

Movement by Sato

Part of her movement series, this exquisite vase invites sensuous images of the female body.



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