Tai Lung Fung
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 1F / H107
Sam Leung
Type of F&B / Cuisine
Souvenir, Traditional Hong Kong Style
11:00am - 11:00pm Daily
+852 2572 2886 call
$20 - $198

Tai Lung Fung is established with the spirit and value of “Handmade in Hong Kong”. It offers a collection of finest indigenous food and drinks with the ambition to advancing local food culture. One shall find authenticity, playfulness, and quality in our presentations.

Sam has been a registered social worker for 10 years. Under the influence of her husband, a keen supporter of cultural conservation, she opened Tai Lung Fung 3 years ago in Wanchai. Her intention is to bring back memories of our long forgotten old Hong Kong. Tai Lung Fung hopes that this spirit can be continued at PMQ, as well as sharing with everyone the Hong Kong food culture.

Featured Highlights
Fried Pork Ribs with Aged Tangerine Peel

Learning from chinese medicine, aged tangerine can soothe a sore throat, lower blood pressure…etc. Use as a seasoning when deep frying pork ribs to create a sweet aroma.

Home Brewed Alcoholic Beverages

TLF signature cocktails are made with our home brewed Pu-Er Whiskey, Osmanthus Liquor, Lemongrass Liquor, Chamomile Liquor, Lychee Liquor, Jasmine Liquor…and the list goes on.

Shrimp Paste Wings

An original recipe to use shrimp paste from Lamma Island for seasoning, half chicken wings are deep fried in very hot oil. Whilst the skin is crispy, the meat inside is kept juicy and tender.

TLF Souvenirs

TLF motto, “Every product has a story, every making has a master. ” A whole range of seasonal products each inspired by local wisdom and recipe.

TLF 'Vintage' Packaging

TLF presents its products with an authentic 60s and 70s style. Our design retrieves the fond memories of old Hong Kong.