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Ritu Malhotra, Priyanka Chopra, Yosha Gupta
2019. 10. 10 - 2020. 04. 07
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Ritu Priyanka – We are a sustainable ladies fashion brand from Hong Kong with roots grounded in India. Our brand is synonymous with handmade style and comfort for today’s women.

Our vision is to bring Indian Handlooms to the ever evolving world of fashion and to design for the ethically conscious client.

Indian handlooms have many magnificient stories to tell of their heritage and how the art has been passed down through generations. Each handcrafted garment is well researched and designed to be in line with the fashion season. Our design inspirations are from Hong Kong and our various travels adding more grandeur to the craft it promotes. With our brand we give you an opportunity to have it all – be in vogue, be ethical, support a cause and have a great story with every piece.


Memeraki ( was founded with the mission to revive India’s traditional folk arts with contemporary fashion and storytelling to ultimately bring patronage back to these arts and create sustainable livelihoods through a scalable business model at the intersection of art, fashion and technology. They have been featured in Forbes, SCMP, Tatler, Sassy, Oriental Daily and a number of other publications.

Instagram: @me_meraki

Ritu & Priyanka

Having met in Hong Kong, Ritu – an art enthusiast and Priyanka – a fashion designer from India found mutual interest and passion towards promoting traditional arts through fashion. Putting thoughts to action they created their brand ‘Ritu Priyanka’ based on the ideology of slow fashion and promoting artisans.

Ritu brings to the brand her knowledge of colours, design elements and modern aesthetics.

Combined with Priyanka’s 17+ years experience in the fashion world, the two work hand in hand to create each signature design.

Yosha Gupta

Yosha has been a product designer in tech for 14 years working on human centered design in financial services and has also run a venture capital backed technology startup . Art is a big passion for her and Memeraki is her attempt to put India’s traditional art on the world map.

Featured Highlights

Brand: Ritu Priyanka

Brand: Ritu Priyanka

Brand: Ritu Priyanka


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