“LONG TIME NO SEE: A Virtual Encounter with Neighbourly Nostalgia” Exhibition
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 4F / H402
Exhibition, Pop-up
2016. 12. 01 (Thursday) - 2017. 03. 31 (Friday)
10:00am – 8:00pm

The Augmented Reality (AR) supplemented interactive exhibition “LONG TIME NO SEE: A Virtual Encounter with Neighbourly Nostalgia” is about PMQ itself. The exhibition showcases the time when it served as the living quarters for Hong Kong’s police. PMQ is a Grade 3 Historic Building built in the 1950s, when it was alive with the sound and laughter of police families. Mouth-watering aromas wafted from the kitchens, children ran haphazardly along the Verandahs and groups of Mahjong players were locked in intense battle.

Hong Kong-based artist and illustrator Bo Law lovingly chronicles this age in this exhibition. He has a very personal connection with PMQ: the son of a policeman, he lived here with his parents, brother and sister from the age of 8 till 13. His depictions and interpretations of PMQ in its earlier incarnations are drawn from personal experience and reflect the curious yet accepting viewpoint of a lively child in a simpler age.

Using art, augmented reality and interactive animations, the exhibition brings alive the lives of Police Married Quarters residents.

Local or overseas visitors, you will love to connect to the “Old Hong Kong”.

Free Wifi available at the exhibition unit H402 and the five Verandahs during the exhibition period.

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