KMC Design
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 2F / S211
Daniel Blyth
12:00nn - 7:00pm Daily
+852 2857 1411 call
$5,000 - $100,000

‘KMC Design’ fashions unique innovative jade jewellery with an oriental touch. Drawing on a contemporary sense of aesthetics based on simple geometry to give contrast to the nuance of tradition inherent in jade, we endeavor to infuse a new spirit of elegance into our design. Predicated on the perception that jades have their own unique qualities of color and texture, our design tends toward a preference for the use of abstract forms rather than figurative elements to highlight the play of the imagination and the intrinsic beauty of the material.

Specializing in the use of jade, our designers combine jades with stones, pearls and wood to create unique contemporary designs.

Featured Highlights
Glimmering Dusk

The scintillation of diamonds seen through the translucency of jade, unified by curving structural lines to attain a three dimensional effect.

Darkly Sparkling

A dark complement enhances the sparkle of green.


Circling and circling, still at the beginning; yet letting your heart dictate, you arrive at your destination. With life being a never ending circle, why not play within with a guileless heart?

Aesthetics of contrast

The juxtaposition of jade and pearl gives life to a visual flare, fusing the forms into a statement of elegance.

Ink Wash

From extemporaneous brush work to geometric receptivity.

Yearning for Flight

Using a contemporary design setting for traditional jade pieces brings out a sense of visual tension.

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