Joe Li x Metalwork
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S507
Joe Li, Ivan Keung
2019. 09. 28 - 2019. 11. 20
1:00pm – 7:00pm
+852 2803 0233 call
$500 - $100,000

Two passionate Hong Kong artists, Joe Li and Ivan Keung, first met each other at the metal smith training course of the university. With the enthusiasm towards art and design, both of them have been working very hard to pursue their dreams since graduation and have created numerous collections of exquisite artwork. Recently, Joe and Ivan have made a decision to have a crossover with each other. This is where their story, “From Me to Us” begins.


JOE LI started his work in jewelry design and production. After graduation from the Advanced Practice Course (Sculpture) of Hong Kong Visual Art Centre (HKVAC), he started exploring the possibility of the mixture of jewelry and sculpture. JOE has become a teacher of the Art Specialist Course (Sculpture) of HKVAC since 2012. He now puts all his effort into art education and creation.

IVAN KEUNG is the founder of a Hong Kong silver accessory brand Silversmith. He began his creation in a 100ft storeroom and moving on to having two silver accessory stores. He put all his effort in his own designs.During these years, IVAN KEUNG has gained a lot of knowledge from the silversmiths he encountered. In 2009, aiming to further increase the knowledge and improve the skills of his expertise, Ivan studied Jewellery Design & Production in SCE HKBU. His work gradually ripens and wins acceptance.

Featured Highlights

In mythologies, human spirits are dissected into two halves; the goal in every human being’s life is just to look for the other half of oneself. If you believe in fate, no matter how long and difficult the path is, you will one day find your other half for sure.

Childhood Dream

Dreams can be big. I fancy tre houses. However, it is very hard to accomplish in reality. With my own hands, in my own ways, I build my dreams.


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