513 Paint Shop
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S513
Elsa Jeandedieu, Eunice Cheung
11:00am - 8:00pm Daily
+852 2155 2282 call

Workshops (furniture painting etc.)
first workshop summer 2014
email for details

513 Paint Shop is the first concept store of Effect by e&e – a creative team specializing in wall design & special paint effects. The shop showcases 2 features: a changing inspirational gallery wall with special effects curated with our selection of furniture, quality home & lifestyle products which celebrate our concept of “craft which inspires;” and a Design Paint Shop presenting “La Peinture,” our own environment-safe paint & full range of products to inspire you to get your hands on some colorful creations.

Both founders behind the shop have their specialty in paint & interior. Elsa Jeandedieu is a special paint artist who started her career in Paris, France and brought her skills and expertise to Hong Kong over 5 years ago, working on many prestigious projects for luxury brands & clients. Eunice Cheung is an interior architect trained in the US & UK, who has been established in the local field of interior design for over 10 years. They formed Effect by e&e Ltd. 2 years ago and 513 Paint Shop is their first venture expanding into home products.

Featured Highlights
Handpainted Canvas Bubble Tutu Mouse

Round Canvas 20cm dia.,
handpainted with La Peinture “Bubble Tutu 513″

Handpainted Children Chair

Solid Timber Children Chair,
handpainted with La Peinture “Roulotte 512”

Handpainted Canvas Lagoon Blue Socks Birdy

Round Canvas 20cm dia.,
handpainted with La Peinture “Lagoon 514”

Set of 3 Sample Jars, 100ml each

La Peinture Purple Series:
“Figue 517,” “Violet Candy 523,” “Provence 531”

Set of 3 Sample Jars, 100ml each

La Peinture Sweet Candy Series:
“Bubble Tutu 513,” “Marshmallow 534,” “Creme de Marron 539”

Set of 2 Sample Jars, 100ml each

La Peinture Yellow Series:
“Camomille 522,” “Banana Split 515”

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