WOW Exhibition – Imagination in Bloom


WOW Exhibition: 21 December 2018 (Friday) – 23 December 2018 (Sunday)


11:00am – 7:00pm


Qube (2/F), PMQ

Major Sponsor
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Fee (HKD)

Free admission

Creativity is a wonder power for children, fertilized by right support and encouragement. This year PMQ has launched the WOW SUMMER CAMP as the groundwork for young ones’ lifetime creative passion. Setting off with “Wonder”, “Open-minded” and “Works”, the Camp provides inviting environment for youngsters to freely explore, imagine and create. Over 500 primary and secondary students unleashed their creativity in the holistic ambience.

Be the dreamers and be the creators! More than empty thoughts, design thinking grounds imagination in daily life for better future. In the WOW SUMMER CAMP for primary students, reality was presented in a playful setting while kids became little villagers to co-create their ideal happy village by solving daily problems – but the WOW doesn’t just stop there.

This December, the WOW SUMMER Exhibition is showcasing the tales and village models from the “WOW SUMMER CAMP – For Primary School– “. Come and get amazed by the kids’ bold creativity! Alongside the exhibition will be a series of seminars and hands-on workshops, inviting parents and public to explore the wonder of creative education together.
Be prepared. Let the curious minds grow in daily life!

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