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“Treasures of Love – Generations” Booklet & Gift Ideas


June – July, 2016


1:00pm – 8:00pm




Every tree has its roots.
Every person has a past.
Every place has its history.

Yet with all of us so occupied with our lives, we seldom have time to ponder: how did it all begin?
If only we could take a moment to see everything in retrospect, on the very first day when someone made the first move.

Ten stories, ten journeys in life, retold from ten perspectives, reflecting on families, handicraft, profession and history.

As seasons change, as things come and go, we hold on to what ought to be treasured.
Learn from the past before starting anew. Change your pace, and keep on walking.

To download the”Treasures of Love – Generations” booklet, please click hereL

Gift Ideas
Twist Comb | GOOD DESIGN STORE (H401)
Foodprint Fish Dish | FLOW+ Living (H207)
Sweet as Sugar : Honwakatou Sugar | Found MUJI ( S107)
A City to Remember: City postcards | Tian Tian Xiang Shang Store (S512)
Across the universe: Galaxy Series Necklace | POMCH (S204)
Eat Well Live Well: Black lacquered chopsticks | SOIL (S307)
Love Sponge Plique-a-jour Enamelling jewelery and mini sculptures | Obellery – Contemporary Jewellery Studio (H403)
The Scent of Summer: White Michelia Reed Diffuser | HKTDC Design Gallery (HG07 – HG09)
As tame as a bunny : Long-eared Bunny Mug | HKTDC Design Gallery (HG07 – HG09)
Fun for thought: “Old Master Q” Phonecase | mall852.com (H313)
Telefishion: Goldfish candle | GLUE Associates (S402)
Leather for Gentlemen: Leather spectacles case | flying zucchinis (H314)