Taste Library X Twins Kitchen : From Denmark to Mexico – Noma Review & Sharing Session + Demonstration


24 June 2017 (Saturday)


3:00pm – 5:00pm


H504, Hollywood – Taste Library

Fee (HKD)

$100 (Members Only)


+852 3481 3998

【Noma: An Inspirational Trip in the Culinary World】

Unarguably, Noma is one of the best restaurants in this era. The name “Noma” is composed of two Danish words, “nordisk” (Nordic) and “mad” (food). Chef and owner, René Redzepi, attempts to redefine Nordic cuisine in his restaurant, rather than merely serving classic Nordic food. In recent years, Noma has been doing pop-up restaurants in countries like Japan and Mexico. These projects showed how dedicated Noma is in learning about the cuisine and ingredients in different parts of the world.

PMQ Taste Library has invited Caleb and Joshua, founders of Twins Kitchen, to come on June 24th and to share what they have experienced in Noma Copenhagen and Noma Mexico. As two renowned food curators in Hong Kong, the twins will also demonstrate a dish that is inspired from their visit to Noma. If you still haven’t got the time to go to Noma, this sharing session may be a good preview for you to experience what you can learn in Noma!

*The event will be mainly conducted in English. Only limited seats available, Register NOW!


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