Pre-sales of Kello – your personal sleep trainer


20 September, 2016 (Tuesday) – 20 October, 2016 (Thursday)


Starting from 8:00pm (HKT) on 20 September



Kello @Brinc

Kello – the first smart alarm clock that trains you for better sleep. The Kello system comes with a bedside device + a companion app for initial setup. The best part? With Kello, you can leave your phone in the other room.

Kello improves your sleep by training you to improve your lifestyle.
How does it work?

  • It’ll train you to change your nighttime routine.
  • It’ll train you to keep your snoozing under control.
  • It’ll help you look forward to waking up.
  • It’ll help you prepare and recover from jet lag.

How much does it cost?
Kello’s Kickstarter price will be $109. Early backers will be able to snag one for just $89, two Kellos for just $189, or a
family pack of four for just $359. Retailers can pick up a pack of 12 for just $999.

What color are available?
Available colors are Cerulean Blue, Taupe Grey, or Mint Green. For just $199, you can pre-order a Kello in any
Pantone® color you choose.

When will it ship?
You can pre-order your Kello on Kickstarter starting September 20. Ship date will be in March 2017.

More details:
Instagram: @getkello

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