Black-and-white photograph Coloring workshop


18 April (Saturday)


2:30pm – 5:30pm


S507, Staunton

Fee (HKD)

$250per person (including tools and materials)

Enquiry & Application

+852 2975 4409 / 2780 2283

Quota per class

6 – 8 individuals

Mentor: Master Tai

With only one click in a mobile application, it is a piece of cake for anyone to become super attractive in any photo! Yet back to five decades ago, there were far more works to do than we could imagine, just for turning the black and white photos into coloured ones. Due to the decline of traditional photo studios, the art of colouring black and white photograph becomes more rare and precious nowadays. Master Tai has been working in the art of colouring photos for more than sixty years, and he is devoted to share his own experiences and techniques to the younger generation.

On 18 April, Master Tai will share his stories in studios at See Through Craftsman. And for sure, he will also teach you how to become gorgeous (in your own portrait)!

* Participants are welcome to bring along own black and white portrait / scenic photo

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